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Vow Renewal Planning

Peacock Theme Inspiration


The Peacock theme is really one of our favorite for vow renewals. The peacock in it’s full colorful glory brings with it a truly rich and fabulous color palette to work with when planning your celebration. Let us not forget the all white peacock though, which brings with it fresh opportunities to use an all white color palette in a ...

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Bronze Theme Inspiration


Bronze is a wonderful color for a formal or fall vow renewal being such a rich and gilded color. It’s a nice alternative to gold when you want something a little less expected or perhaps something more subtle, yet still metallic. Bronze is a traditional gift for a couple’s 8th anniversary in the US and popular as a modern choice ...

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Orange Vow Renewal Inspiration

orange-idostill-sxc (60)

Orange such a very versatile color for vow renewals. With its shades ranging from light and bright to rich and earthy, it’s perfect for a spring, summer, or fall vow renewal. Plus, the natural meanings for the color reinforce why it’s truly a great choice for couples renewing their vows: Orange: The perfect color for creating a vibrant, bright, and ...

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Rustic Theme Inspiration


A rustic theme is quite wonderful for a vow renewal. When you think of a rustic theme, the first things that probably come to mind are country cottages, the American southwest, or country living in general. The overall simplicity of rustic design and decor lend themselves well to vow renewal celebrations. With this theme, you can incorporate natural materials such ...

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Peach Vow Renewal Inspiration


Sweet and romantic, peach is a wonderful color for a spring, summer, or fall vow renewal. It looks lovely and fresh paired with crisp white. Pair it with ivory, cream, or taupe for a romantic vintage vow renewal theme. Compliment it with rich brown for a rustic look in the fall. Whichever color you choose to pair it with, it’s ...

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Sunny Yellow Vow Renewal Inspiration


Yellow is the perfect color for a spring or summer vow renewal when you are celebrating your optimism for your future together or are just bursting with happiness! It’s a great color for couples who are renewing their vows after a spouse has returned from a military deployment. It’s also a great option for couples renewing their vows as they ...

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Bold Red Vow Renewal Inspiration


Show your passion with a bold red vow renewal color palette! Make a big statement by using it alone or pair it with classic black, white, or ivory for a traditional look. Feeling adventurous? Pair red with teal, orange, magenta, or a brilliant shade of green like chartreuse! Perhaps something patriotic is more your style? A traditional palette of red, ...

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Color Me Bright Vow Renewal Inspiration


Well, color me bright! Save your drab, dark, and pastel sweetness for someone else. You’re probably not one to fade into the crowd, so why should your vow renewal be any different? Besides, there are some occasions where trying to keep your color selection to just a couple colors is simply too hard and just not quite right for what ...

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Top 6 Places to Buy Plus Size Vow Renewal Dresses

Plus Size Vow Renewal Dresses

Today, there are a myriad of places to buy plus size vow renewal dresses on the internet. Some shine above the others for their designs, sizes, service, and price. This list features stores that truly making finding the perfect dress for your vow renewal almost as exciting as it was to find your wedding dress. This time though, you have ...

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Christmas Theme Inspiration


Planning a Vow Renewal with a Christmas Theme A Christmas vow renewal theme is a wonderful way to celebrate your love and spotlight family. There are so many delightful elements to draw Christmas theme inspiration from that are unique to the season. Here’s a list of some of our favorites: Gingerbread – houses, men, and wreaths filled with the rich ...

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