9 Romantic Ways to Propose Again – Seasonal Ideas

Love is always in season! Renewing your wedding vows is a wonderful way to out the focus back on romance in your marriage and show your spouse how much she/he […]

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Love is always in season!

Renewing your wedding vows is a wonderful way to out the focus back on romance in your marriage and show your spouse how much she/he means to you after all the years you’ve been together. Sure, you could just ask your spouse if he or she wants to renew your vows, but there’s so much more romance to be experienced by planning out a vow renewal proposal that brings back memories of your original proposal or even surpasses it in some way. Planning a vow renewal proposal can be an exciting and creative process! Here are some wonderful ways to take advantage of the season as you plan your vow renewal proposal:

Romantic Fall and Winter Vow Renewal Proposal Ideas

  1. During your annual Halloween prep, challenge her to a pumpkin-carving contest and carve the words “Marry me again” into your pumpkin.
  2. Write “Marry me again?” on the underside of your kids’ kites, head to the park for a fun family afternoon, and let them take flight.
  3. Have your teenage or adult kids set up a picnic for the two of you – complete with wine and cheese, of course – at a romantic spot. Take your spouse for a hike on a route where you’ll come across this surprise vow renewal proposal picnic.
  4. On a chilly morning, zip outside before your spouse and scratch your proposal into the frost on her/his car’s windshield.

Romantic Spring and Summer Vow Renewal Proposal Ideas

  1. Tell your Valentine not to make any plans for February 14th, then make all the arrangements to recreate your first date (or another very special date – perhaps the one when you told each other “I love you” for the first time or you proposed.) Make reservations for the same restaurant, get the song that was playing on the radio for the car, or make a picnic of the foods and wines you had that day. Don’t forget to wear a similar outfit! In your own words, say that you’ve recreated the moment because it was the moment you met the love of your life, then get down on one knee and propose again.
  2. Take a stroll through a flower or botanic garden when everything is in bloom and surprise your spouse with your vow renewal proposal among the lush background.
  3. Gather your families together for a barbecue and make it a family affair.
  4. Go to the beach and casually build a sand castle (at a safe distance from the ocean!) with your kids, and place a flag that says “Marry me again?” on the highest turret. Then invite her/him to admire your handiwork.
  5. Make your own message in a bottle. Write a love poem and your vow renewal proposal on a piece of parchment paper and roll it into an antique bottle with a cork. Take it along to the beach with you. Bury it near your towels. Let the kids “find” the bottle as you dig together and take it excitedly over to your spouse.

Have more romantic vow renewal proposal ideas for one of the seasons? Share your spring, summer, fall, and winter vow renewal proposal idea with us in the comments! We’d also love to hear all the details about your real vow renewal proposal.

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