who will be performing our vow renewal ceremony?Q. What’s an appropriate amount to give the officiant who will be performing our vow renewal ceremony?

A. Your officiant’s fee will probably be set by them unless perhaps if you have a relationship with them already through your house of worship. You should contact your church or synagogue’s secretary to inquire about what is commonly offered or if the cost is pre-set. If you will be using a civil officiant, they will most likely already have a set fee that they will share with you before agreeing to perform the ceremony. If you require the officiant to spend notable time working with your before the ceremony, you should expect to compensate them for their time. If you have very little contact with the officiant before the ceremony, the cost might be as low as $50-100. The officiant’s fee should be placed in an envelope with a note of thanks and your husband should give it to the officiant before the ceremony.

If you are having a friend or family member preside over your vow renewal ceremony, you should give them a nice gift or gift certificate in appreciation.