Selecting Color for Your Vow RenewalThe colors you select for your vow renewal reveal a lot about you as a couple, what’s important to you, and the style of the event. You can create a sophisticated environment or a whimsical escape. Colors can influence moods and exude sensuality, coziness, earthiness and youthfulness. What journey do you want to take your guests on?

Whether you choose your favorite colors for your vow renewal, opt for colors that convey your theme, or select hues to complement the current season, your guests are sure to be enchanted with your selections. To help you make your selections, we have compiled a list of popular color choices with a synopsis of each.

  • Black: Black is always classic, never trendy. Modern yet conservative. Dignified yet mysterious. Conveying a certain sexiness and sophistication. Plus, black complements almost any color, especially lighter hues.
  • Gray: A softer take on black. Always practical, cool, timeless. Classic and dignified. A quiet neutral that conveys quality.
  • White: Symbolic of cleanliness, simplicity, and innocence, with strong connotations of perfection. Conveying a clean palette or fresh start for those who seek serenity and peace. Also, an excellent choice for those who seek excellence and/or enlightenment.
  • Red: Red is intense, powerful, passionate, and sexy. Impulsive and outgoing. Zealous and ambitious. A romantic choice is symbolizing both love and rage. Red lovers tend to be restless and optimistic and go along with people with uncomplicated natures. Perfect for a fiery, dynamic hostess with ‘look at me’ flair. The brighter the red, the more it conveys intensity, excitement, energy, and power. In China, it means good luck. In India is means purity. In Eastern cultures, it signifies joy when combined with white.
  • Burgundy: The color of vigor, elegance, richness, refinement, leadership, maturity, and luxury. An excellent option for a mature couple planning an elegant event.
  • Pink: The softer, sweeter side of red. A delicate hue, conveying a compassionate, sensitive heart that is affectionate and nurturing. Also a favorite of those with a strong personality.
  • Pale Pink: Symbolic of love and romance. Conveying softness, delicacy, sweetness, friendship, tenderness, fidelity, compassion.
  • Fuchsia: Exciting, bright, fun, and energetic! Conveying a hot, sensual femininity.
  • Orange: The perfect color for creating a vibrant, bright, and happy backdrop or one that is exotic, spicy, and rich. An excellent option for popular couples who are spontaneous, bold, fearless, and daring. The color conveys ambition, fun, energy, balance, flamboyance, warmth, enthusiasm, and generosity.
  • Terracotta: A rich, wholesome, earthy color. Welcoming, warm, and stable. It is well suited for conveying country, fall, and harvest themes.
  • Yellow: The color of a sunny day, yellow denotes happiness, hope, optimism, and idealism. Yellow represents enlightenment, spirituality, and imagination. Use it to convey bright, cheery feelings, warmth, and vitality. An excellent option for couples with a great sense of humor, cheerful spirits, and optimistic values that are intellectual, creative and idealistic. In Asia, yellow is a sacred and imperial color.
  • Bright Yellow: Cheerful, optimistic, and joyful. Conveying happiness, idealism, summer, hope, imagination, and sunshine.
  • Green: Green is the color of life, freshness, nature, ecology, success, good luck, and fertility. An excellent option for eco-friendly couples and to convey that you value your health, the environment, and loyalty.
  • Lime Green: Lively, refreshing, and revitalizing. Well suited for summer vow renewals, particularly outdoor events.
  • Olive Green: The traditional color of peace and adventure. A more refined shade of green perfect for more formal events in the evening.
  • Blue: Soothing, compassionate, conservative, and cool, blue is the color of tranquility and royalty. It conveys peace, tranquility, harmony, trust, stability, and confidence. Serene and cool, blue denotes cautious partners who are faithful but require a calm and harmonious existence. From watery aqua to a deep shade of midnight, blue can be soft and sweet or strong and bold. Blues are a wonderful compliment to earth tones and neutral colors like gray and beige and work well with pastels and “cool” shades like greens. In China it denotes immortality.
  • Light Blue: Pale and peaceful, it conveys tranquility, quiet, and understanding. It’s cool, clean, soft, and pure. A lovely option for winter and spring vow renewals.
  • Navy Blue: Strong and confident, it conveys a certain dignity, credibility, authority, and trustworthiness. Yet it is traditional, conservative, quiet, and serene. An excellent option for nautical themes and formal events.
  • Teal Blue: Teal symbolizes a lively sophistication, making it perfect for professional couples. It is a very rich color with a pleasing tone and an expensive feel.
  • Turquoise: It symbolizes calm, friendship, and fortune. Think luck and love. A light shade of turquoise has a certain feminine appeal. For a fun and funky retro look, pair bright turquoise, and pink. Fancy art deco? Pair it with white and black. Have a Southwestern color scheme in mind? Pair it with gray, silver, terra cotta, or light brown. Planning an outdoor vow renewal? Pair it with orange or yellow.
  • Purple: The color of spirituality, royalty, wealth, luxury, mystery, wisdom, transformation, independence, enlightenment, respect. Passionate and provocative. A popular choice for the unconventional, talented, creative couples or those in authoritative positions.
  • Lavender: Romantic, nostalgic, and enchanting. It is delicate, floral, and sweet. Popular with couples who are charming, witty, and cultured.
  • Brown: An earthy, natural, neutral color. Think stability, masculinity, reliability, comfort, and simplicity. It represents wholesomeness, dependability, practicality, conservatism, and stability. It’s symbolic of comfort, contentment, and honesty. From rich and dark to soft and creamy shades, it can be intense or pale, dramatic or modest. A wonderful option for your vow renewal, since it is substantial, steady, and responsible.
  • Beige and Ivory: Earthy, classic, neutral, warm, and soft. Ivory symbolizes quiet and pleasantness. Beige symbolizes calm and simplicity. They both symbolize unification making them a perfect choice for a vow renewal.

These are not strict definitions, but rather some insight into the colors to help you find the perfect color scheme for your vow renewal. Whether you opt for a sophisticated teal, sunny yellow for your outdoor summer celebration, or pale blue because it is your favorite color, you’re sure to take your guests on a very personal journey as you celebrate your love for each other. Choose what looks and feels good to you, and you can’t go wrong!