Choosing Colors for Your Winter Vow Renewal

So, you’ve decided to renew your vows in the winter. Was your selection motivated by cuddling by the warmth of the fire sipping hot chocolate? Or perhaps by the beauty of snow falling softly to the ground? The sparkle and richness of the season catch your eye? Or perhaps it is the fond memories of family coming together to celebrate the season and share in their joy? Or did you get married in the winter?

Why all the questions? It’s simple really. Why you were motivated to renew your vows in the winter can help you pick the colors that will be perfect for your celebration. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Red and Green

Give a nod to tradition with these classic holiday colors. Red and green in their brighter shades can be used to create a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere or in their richer shades to create a very refined look. You can keep their use simple by opting for a white base color with simple accents of the red and green in things like bouquet bows and charger dishes. Plaid ribbons and fabric swags, pine boughs, and holly berries are great ways to deliver a more formal look too. Plus, a bouquet of traditional red roses trimmed with pine will always look lovely.

Looking for a festive and fun look? Think centerpieces made from bright red and green ornaments, small decorated Christmas trees, or Santas. A candy bar of classic holiday candies and little stockings to fill will be sure to delight your guests young and old alike. Dazzle your guests by wearing a rich red gown or dressing your attendants in this lovely color!

Red and Green Vow Renewal Color Palette

Brown and Blue

Think hot chocolate, logs on the fire, gingerbread, and the brilliant bright blue of the sky against the white of the snow. Brown and blue are a traditional, festive, and upscale color combination. Brown may not be the first color that comes to mind when you’re thinking of a winter vow renewal, but in a rich shade of chocolate paired with a delicate blue, it’s simply perfect!

There are many different reception ideas and accessories that will make these colors work as well, such as a hot chocolate bar, Smores bar, ice blue table clothes, gingerbread houses decorate with pale blue icing, and so on.

Brown and Blue Vow Renewal Color Palette

Gold and Navy

Dreaming of something formal, yet classic? A gold and navy color palette is one suited perfectly for you then. These two colors have a long been used together and can be found in things such as military uniforms, nautical items, peacocks, and luxury items. This is one color palette perfect for making a formal and elegant celebration.

Think navy velvet and satin for runners, wraps, ribbons, and sashes. Navy can also be carried over to suits, invitations, napkins, and shoes. Accent with gold ornaments, tassels, tablecloths, and jewelry.

Gold and Navy Vow Renewal Color Palette

Pink and Silver

Are you true romantics at heart? Then pink and silver might be the perfect palette for you. Be inspired by an old fashioned Victorian Christmas. You can do a classic pink rose shade or a soft pastel pink and pair it with silver or white. These colors are best paired with warm lighting to deliver the desired effect. Add in touches of lace, cameos, and roses to your reception decor for an absolutely elegant affair.

Pink and Silver Vow Renewal Color Palette

Jewel Tones

The holiday season is all a glitter with jewel tones. Let precious gems, ornaments, and wrapping papers be your color inspiration. Rich shades of magenta, purple, green, teal, and golds will all look wonderful.

Start with shades of your favorite colored gem and add touches of gold or silver for a truly elegant result. Keep in mind that green also makes an excellent accent color, but should be a rich forest green to keep with the season. These colors will give you endless options for reception decor!

Jewel Tones Vow Renewal Color Palette

Black and Silver

Planning a New Year’s vow renewal? Using black and silver will be classically dramatic and formal. This pairing works ever so easily together! Use these colors to bring big impact to your reception by mix and matching them for chairs, linens, tableware, and centerpieces. This color scheme is really fantastic for couples wanting a very modern look.

Black and Silver Vow Renewal Color Palette

Final Thoughts
Remember, there are no rules as far as color is concerned for your vow renewal (or much of anything else!). Keep in mind that this is your celebration and should be exactly as the two of you want. By selecting the colors you love most, you’ll find it easier to select the perfect elements to make this the day of your dreams.