Bronze is a wonderful color for a formal or fall vow renewal being such a rich and gilded color. It’s a nice alternative to gold when you want something a little less expected or perhaps something more subtle, yet still metallic. Bronze is a traditional gift for a couple’s 8th anniversary in the US and popular as a modern choice for the 19th anniversary, making it a natural choice for a vow renewal held in celebration for either of these anniversaries. For a fall vow renewal, it’s simply perfect!

A member of the brown family, it brings with it the same substantial, steady, and responsible meaning. Perfect for couples known for stability, reliability, and simplicity. It represents wholesomeness, dependability, practicality, conservatism, and stability. It’s symbolic of comfort, contentment, and honesty. Could it be more perfect?

Ready to be inspired and start planning? Get started with our bronze gallery and then be sure to check out our bronze vow renewal inspiration board on Pinterest.

Looking for bronze color palette ideas for your vow renewal? Here are some of our favorite pairings:

  • Bronze and Rich Teal Blue
  • Bronze and Magenta
  • Bronze and Eggplant Purple
  • Bronze and Peach
  • Bronze and Emerald Green
  • Bronze and Cream or Ivory
  • Bronze and Orange
  • Bronze and Dark Brown
  • Bronze and Gold
  • Bronze and Classic White

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Get Your copy of the Simple Vows Inspiration eBook