Orange such a very versatile color for vow renewals. With its shades ranging from light and bright to rich and earthy, it’s perfect for a spring, summer, or fall vow renewal. Plus, the natural meanings for the color reinforce why it’s truly a great choice for couples renewing their vows:

  • Orange: The perfect color for creating a vibrant, bright, and happy backdrop or one that is exotic, spicy, and rich. An excellent option for popular couples who are spontaneous, bold, fearless, and daring. The color conveys ambition, fun, energy, balance, flamboyance, warmth, enthusiasm, and generosity.
  • Terracotta: A rich, wholesome, earthy color. Welcoming, warm, and stable. It is well suited for conveying country, fall, and harvest themes.

It pairs wonderfully with a wide variety of other colors. Here are a few of our favorite combinations to get you thinking about how you could use it to create the perfect setting for your celebration:

  • Sunny Orange and Bright Lemony Yellow
  • Bold, Rich Orange and Strong Magenta
  • Bright Orange and Medium Gray or Silver
  • Tangerine and Dark Orange
  • Terracotta and Dark Brown
  • Tangerine and Mint Green
  • Light or Bright Orange and Crisp White
  • Bright Orange and Bright Red
  • Light Orange and Lime Green
  • Tangerine and Rusty Brown
  • Tangerine and Dark Gray
  • Aqua and Tangerine

Here is a gallery of some of our favorite shades to inspire you!

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