Tokens of Gratitude and Love

Show appreciation to your guests with thoughtful and personalized favors. Explore ideas for unique and meaningful keepsakes that will leave a lasting impression and serve as a token of gratitude.

  • Miniature Plants as Vow Renewal Favors

    Symbolizing Growth and Renewal Introduction: Just as your love has grown and flourished over the years, gifting miniature plants as vow renewal favors is a beautiful way to symbolize the […]

  • Delicious, Decadent, and Fun Edible Favors

    Whether you prefer something fresh and fruit or sweet and decadent, we have ideas that will delight your guests! Fresh Fruit: Fresh fruits make lovely favors. Tie a ribbon with […]

  • Eco-Friendly Favors for a Green Vow Renewal

    When the two of you are known for caring about protecting the earth, it’s important that your vow renewal is eco-friendly too. Here are some great favor ideas to help […]

  • Creative Ways to Distribute Favors

    When it comes to distributing favors to your guests, a little creativity can go a long way in carrying out your theme and creating a special moment for your guests. […]

  • Easy and Inexpensive Favor Ideas

    Easy and Inexpensive Favor Ideas Giving your guests a favor to thank them for sharing in your special day doesn’t have to be inexpensive.  There are many options that are […]

  • Vow Renewal Favors 101

    Favors are simply small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation to guests for coming from the couple at a vow renewal. They can be as simple and inexpensive or […]

  • Winter Favor Ideas

    Simple things that either coordinate with your theme, are seasonal favorites, or practical for winter make excellent winter favor ideas for guests attending your vow renewal.  Be practical.  Be sentimental.  […]

  • Myths and History of Favors

    Myths and History of Favors Selecting the perfect favor can be challenging! Take a look back at some common myths and the history of favors to inspire you. Myth #1 […]

  • Fresh Favor Ideas for Your Summer Vow Renewal

    Are you looking to treat your guests to something unexpected? First, remember that good favors fall into one of two categories — edible or actually usable. While seed packets and […]

  • Fun Favors for Children

    Having special favors to children attending your vow renewal will not only be a delightful surprise for them, but can help keep them entertained and occupied throughout the event. Coloring […]

  • Handmade Favors – Perfection or Cheesy?

    Handmade favors are simply perfect for vow renewals for many reasons, but primarily because they are a way you can express your uniqueness as a couple and share a part […]

  • Guest Favors Etiquette

    Guest favors are not required for a vow renewal, but like with any formal party, they are a nice way to thank your guests for coming to share your special […]

  • Cupcake Favors

    Cupcakes are quickly becoming a favorite favor! With cupcakes being all the rage in general, they top the list for edible favors. Cupcakes offer a delicious, affordable option in comparison […]

  • Candles for Favors

    Candles are a popular, easy, and fairly inexpensive, yet elegant favor. There are nearly endless ideas for ways to make them unique and special for your event. For a personal […]