Easy and Inexpensive Favor Ideas

|||Easy and Inexpensive Favor Ideas

Easy and Inexpensive Favor Ideas

Easy and Inexpensive Favor Ideas

Giving your guests a favor to thank them for sharing in your special day doesn’t have to be inexpensive.  There are many options that are both easy and inexpensive.  Here are a few of our favorites to get you started!


  • Bunch of lollipops tied with ribbon.
  • Five Jordan almonds wrapped in tulle and ti4ed with a ribbon.
  • Homemade brownies or cookies in individual bags.
  • A single delicious chocolate.
  • Bright red cherries in a clear plastic or white paper bag.
  • Circle of tulle filled with mints.
  • Three or four individual tea bags of assorted flavors, wrapped in tulle and tied with ribbon.
  • Mini bags of candy.


  • A favorite poem or customized letter printed on your home computer and rolled into a ribbon-tied scroll.
  • Handmade bookmarks.
  • Paper fans.
  • DIY CD of the couple’s favorite music.
  • Dried lavender wrapped in tulle.


  • A single tea or votive candle.
  • Sparklers tied with ribbon.
  • Cookie cutter tied with ribbon.

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  1. Lisa Spooner May 25, 2017 at 10:12 am - Reply

    I’m currently planning a 40th anniversary party for some friends. We’ve chosen to do chocolate dipped pretzels in red and white in a pretty bag with ribbons. Simple yet delicious. I did them for a bridal shower a couple of years ago and they went crazy for them.

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