Cupcake Favors

Cupcakes are quickly becoming a favorite favor! With cupcakes being all the rage in general, they top the list for edible favors. Cupcakes offer a delicious, affordable option in comparison to many of the other common favors on the market today, plus it lets you bring in those other cake and frosting flavor combinations you loved, but didn’t select for your main cake. Another benefit to cupcakes is that they are a great DIY project or can be ordered with your main cake.

If you’re planning on making them yourself, here are some tips to make it a success:

  • If you have a large guest list, recruit some friends and family to help – just plan on making a few extras for sampling! A group of four can whip up 96 cupcakes in no time, but it will take just one person hours and hours to do the job alone.
  • Make sure you use a frosting that doesn’t require refrigeration. Frosting that contains raw eggs, whipped cream, or sour cream is not a good option. You don’t want to give your guests food poisoning! Stick with classic white buttercream made with Crisco or canned frosting to be safe.
  • Keep them simple! You do not need to have elaborate icing designs. Instead, opt for nonpareils, colored sugar, candy glitter, or royal icing flowers for decoration.
  • Find cute and functional packaging for your cupcakes such as little boxes (or make your own). Dress up plain boxes with a fancy sticker or fake flower that coordinates with your theme.

Note: If you’re planning on serving cupcakes instead of a traditional tiered cake, you might want to consider something else as the favor.