Handmade favors are simply perfect for vow renewals for many reasons, but primarily because they are a way you can express your uniqueness as a couple and share a part of yourselves with your guests far better than any retail trinket can. Plus, you can have something completely original at a price you can afford. Even if you’re not on an especially low budget, you might want to consider starting a little earlier and putting together handmade favors for your guests simply because they are more personal.

Handcrafted favors have gone from being considered cheap and tacky to ultimately trendy. In fact, many couples opt for handmade favors in part to show how practical and creative they really are – both traits to be admired in the current economy.  Plus, a favor that the couple has put both their hearts and creative talents into is far more meaning than something that was simply ordered in bulk from a retail store. Most guests will truly appreciate the time and effort you put into them, making them less likely to be tossed into the garage sale pile or waste basket than favors that are manufactured in bulk, no matter their price.

While many retailers are advertising their little favors under $2.00 each, that can add up quickly when you need 100 or more of them. Handmade favors can be created for around $0.25 – $1.00 or so per favor, netting some serious savings.

Where Can You Find Ideas for Handmade Favors?

Ideas for handmade favors abound all over the web, craft fairs, stores like Michael’s and Jo-Ann Fabrics, bridal magazines, and our website. Be sure to browse our DIY Favor ideas!

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