When it comes to distributing favors to your guests, a little creativity can go a long way in carrying out your theme and creating a special moment for your guests. Here are some of our favorite ways to distribute your favors:

Create a Display
Create a focal point in the reception by placing all of your favors together. You can create an interesting display by using books or risers to create layers to place them on. Another option is to arrange them on silver trays, or in glass bowls, or elegant baskets. Some types of favors will also look particularly nice arrange neatly in rows on tables. Be sure to place a sign next to the favor display inviting your guests to take one. Make sure you have a few extra so that every guest can pick one up and you’re covered should there be unexpected guests or should someone take more than one.

A Special Addition to Each Place Setting
Some favors lend themselves exceptionally well to being included in each place setting. This is particularly true if they deliver a pop of color from your selected palette or carry out your theme.

One Favor Per Couple
While this option is typically less expensive than providing each individual guest with a favor, it can be a bit more challenging. Each favor needs to be labeled with the recipients’ names. All couples who RSVP together, including married couples and casual dates, receive one favor. Guests who RSVP without a date should receive an individual favor. If you will be having children and young adults attending, the parents should receive one favor as should each child. Favors for couples should be placed between the place settings of each couple at with the place setting for each guest attending independently.

Valet Delivery
If you will be having valet parking at your reception, you can request that the valets place favors inside the cars of your guests. You can opt for food favors like fruit, cookies, or even donuts. Another fun option is to place a CD with the two of you singing or giving a “thank you” message in their CD player.

Photo By Ashley Deason

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