Delicious, Decadent, and Fun Edible Favors

|||Delicious, Decadent, and Fun Edible Favors

Whether you prefer something fresh and fruit or sweet and decadent, we have ideas that will delight your guests!

  • Fresh Fruit: Fresh fruits make lovely favors. Tie a ribbon with thank you tag to the stem of shiny red apples or pears. Wrap an orange in tulle and tie with a bright orange ribbon. Fill a mini bag with red, ripe cherries, strawberries, or grapes.
  • Caramel or Candy Apples: Dip apples in caramel or candy and let harden. Wrap with cellophane and tie with ribbon, cord, or raffia.
  • Jam: Prepare your favorite preserves in small canning jars. Cover the cap with fabric in your colors and tie with ribbon, cord, or raffia.
  • Nuts: Line small clear bags with colorful fabric. Fill with salted or chocolate-covered nuts such as macadamia, almonds, pecans, or mixed nuts and tie closed with ribbon.
  • Mixed Dried Fruits And Nuts: Health conscious and economical! Fill small paper or cellophane bags or jars with mixture and tie with ribbon.
  • Spices: Fill a small cellophane bag spices for a favorite dish or to season meat or vegetables. Attach the printed recipe or instructions as a label over the top of the bag.
  • S’mores: Pack one large marshmallow, two graham crackers, and a mini chocolate bar into a favor box and tie with a ribbon. Attach instructions for making a smore (toast one marshmallow; place the marshmallow on a graham cracker half; place half the chocolate bar on the marshmallow; top with the other graham cracker half).
  • Lollipop Bouquet: Bundle four to six lollipops and bind with and elastic band or floral tape and tie with ribbon.
  • Old-fashioned Taffy: Fill a medium sized favor box with an assortment of saltwater taffy. Tie with ribbon in your colors.
  • One Decadent Bite: Place a single petit four, gourmet chocolate, or truffle in a decorative favor box.
  • Brownies: Prepare cake-like brownies and wrap in plastic wrap. Tie with ribbon in your colors.
  • Cookies: Bake up your favorite cookies and wrap two in cellophane with the message, “The Perfect Pair.”
  • Cupcakes: Place a mini cupcake in a small favor box. Tie with ribbon in your colors.
  • Baklava: Line a small favor box with waxed paper. Place a square or roll of baklava inside. Tie with ribbon in your colors.

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