The Guide to Vow Renewal Style for Guys

A suit or tux is an endless classic option, but today your options extend beyond the basic black. Here are some great options to make your look your own and coordinate with your vow renewal style.

Classic Black

There’s nothing quite as attractive on a man as a well-fitted suit.  If you’re planning a vow renewal with a very classic style, consider a black three-piece, and have it tailored to fit perfectly.

A Softer Shade

Depending on the style and location for your vow renewal, you may find that a khaki, tan or lighter, green or gray color is perfect for summer or spring. These softer colors can help carry off a softer, romantic feeling.


Pinstripes add a touch of classic sophistication to a basic suit for a semi-formal event. They’re an excellent option for the man who wants to add a little personality to his attire.

Seersucker is another option for a fun summer vow renewal that is lightweight, so you’ll stay cooler than in a traditional suit.  It’s a great look for the garden or beach.  You’ll need just the right personality to pull it off!

A Strong Base

A great shirt can take a suit from good to great.  You have almost endless options for color and material.  A crisp white shirt is always classic with a black suit. But let’s also not forget the classic shirt with blue pinstripes and white collar and cuffs.  Pair a pastel shirt with a khaki or pale gray suit for a romantic look. A strong jewel toned shirt paired with a black suit is elegant for evening. You can also pair a white shirt with a great texture with a khaki suit for an edgy beach look.

Tied Together

Here is your opportunity to add some personality and bring in your color scheme all at the same time. Your options include a pocket square, vest, and tie.  Go with all three or any combination that suits you.  Think texture and color!  A bright yellow tie with a khaki suit is delightful.  Or perhaps a cool gray pocket square and classic tie are more your style. We’re always a fan of a fabulous tie that has a great tone on tone texture paired with a classic black suit. Even if you’re not planning on wearing a tux, but still want a bow tie, go for on that has a pattern or bright color.

The Boutonniere

Make your suit or tux really stand out with a very masculine take on a boutonniere. Consider using peacock, pheasant, or other feathers, grains, leaves, grasses, or berries. Wrap the bottom with a bit of white ribbon or a color that ties in with the overall color scheme for a touch of elegance.

A more traditional boutonniere made from a fabric flower also makes a nice touch.


If you’re holding a more formal vow renewal, you can still add some spice and personal character with a pair of colorful socks or cuff links. Think Seeley Booth on Bones.

Suspenders and/or a hat can also add a great touch for a vintage theme.

The Shoes

While we all know the ladies spend a great deal of time worrying about finding the perfect shoes, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be of concern to you as well.  If you’ll be wearing a great dark suit, make sure to give your shoes an extra shine.  If you’re planning a beach vow renewal, find some great leather sandals to carry off a less formal khaki suit.

Destination Perfection

If you’re planning a backyard or beach vow renewal that is casual and you’ll be wearing a light colored suit or simple slacks and white shirt, you can opt to wear your shirt open without a tie.  This look would be too informal for any other style of vow renewal, however, it’s perfect for lending a relaxed and comfortable look for these types of ceremonies.

Add Nothing At All

Sometimes, you don’t need a single thing to complete a look. If you’re found the perfect tux, and it fits like it was made for you, feel free to skip the boutonniere or pocket square.  Just opt for a less formal tie, rather than a bow tie.