The vow renewal ceremony is the heart of your vow renewal celebration. It’s the time when you get to say the words to one another that made you want to have this celebration in the first place. You’ll want it to create heartfelt memories. This makes choosing the right officiant for your vow renewal crucial. You might want to go with someone you have known forever, like a friend or the leader of your house of worship, or you might want to find someone who suits the celebration you have in mind. Either way, it’s an important decision that will set the tone of the celebration. If you aren’t sure what to ask a potential officiant or what to look for in an officiant, we’re here to help. Use this list of the top five things to ask your officiant before booking them for your ceremony as your guide.

How long do your vow renewal ceremonies typically last?

If you want a brief ceremony, discuss your time limits and expectations beforehand. Some officiants are happy to create a ceremony following the couples’ wishes. Others prefer to stick to their standard vow renewal service and time.

Can you create a personalized ceremony?

Not every officiant is a creative genius, so be sure to ask if they can write a personalized ceremony for you and your spouse if you want a ceremony that fits more of your personality. Some officiants will happily take the time to create something unique, while others will want to stick to a standard template.

How many meetings would we have with you?

If you’d like a very personalized vow renewal ceremony, you will want to meet with the officiant several times if you’re not already very familiar with them. They will need time to get to know you as a couple to craft something perfect. Officiants typically have an additional fee for these additional meetings, so be sure to ask.

Do you have a video of a vow renewal ceremony you performed?

While you might feel like you’ve found the perfect officiant, complete with great reviews and testimonials, you’ll want to see them in action before hiring them. If they don’t have recent videos of vow renewals that they’ve performed on their website, be sure to ask to see them. Videos of ceremonies will allow you to see their style, presentation, and poise when officiating.

How do you handle a noisy guest?

While this might seem like an unusual question, it provides you with great insight into their level of professionalism. All too often, ceremonies are interrupted by rude guests that are whispering, on social media, or otherwise being rowdy. You want to know ahead of time that your officiant can handle the situation and how they would do it.

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Get Your copy of the Simple Vows Inspiration eBook