Did you meet your spouse on the internet? Or maybe technology is the day to day communication glue that keeps your marriage together? Or perhaps grand romantic gestures in public aren’t really your thing? Whatever the reason you’re looking for a high-tech way to propose again, we have some creative ideas to let your inner geek shine while bringing out your romantic side. Using technology to propose to your spouse to renew your wedding vows gives you lots of options to make your proposal truly unique and personal. Here you will find something for whatever technology you’re comfortable with – be it music, video, webpages, or even a podcast. There’s no better time than the present to pick one of these ideas and get to work putting your technology skills to use creating a vow renewal proposal that is sure to become a favorite memory.

Brilliant Tech Vow Renewal Proposal Ideas

  1. Create your own podcast vow renewal proposal and sneak it onto her iPod.
  2. Upload a video of highlights of your marriage with your vow renewal proposal at the end to YouTube (tell her you have a great video to show her).
  3. Grab your digital camera and head to your family’s favorite local outdoor spot for a picnic. Ahead of time, have your kids make posters with the words “will,” “you,” “marry,” “me,” “again?” on them. Once your spouse gets settled, have your kids hold them up to surprise her/him. Capture the moment with your camera!
  4. Create a web page declaring your enduring love and proposal to renew your vows. Leave your spouse a clue with the web address written on it — don’t say a word. After he/she has seen your romantic vow renewal proposal, he/she can share the page with friends and family. (Tip: You can evolve this site into the headquarters for your vow renewal, keeping friends and family updated and even collect RSVPs!)
  5. Set up a live-stream channel (on a service like Ustream.com) and invite all your friends and family to watch your propose again live from wherever you decide to surprise your spouse with your vow renewal proposal.
  6. If you’re a music-loving couple, create a playlist consisting of your favorite songs over the years that represent your marriage. At the end of the tape, record your vow renewal proposal and add it to the end of the playlist. Add it to his/her iPod, phone, or tablet or even yours. Suggest you listen to some music while getting ready in the morning or for bed.

Have more tech vow renewal proposal ideas? Share your creative ideas for using technology to propose again with us in the comments! We’d also love to hear all the details about your real vow renewal proposal.

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