A Guide to Toasting for Husbands

One of the most important toasts at a vow renewal is given by the husband in honor of his wife. It’s your opportunity to reiterate how much you love her and how happy you are, plus thank your guests for sharing this day with you. Typically, toasts take place during the reception once everyone is seated, and the champagne or wine has been served. If you have attendants, toasting is led by them. If you do not have attendants, they are led by your grown children or your parents. Your toast can come any time after one of these people has made a toast.

How to Make a Good Toast

Unless you are practiced speaker, comedian, or politician, it’s best not to try to do it off the cuff. Take time to prepare some notes a week or so ahead of your vow renewal. You’ll want to refine and memorize your words. It’s essential to practice them out loud to make sure they sound right and are easy to say. If needed, you can feel free to use your notes during your toast. When it is time to make your toast, stand up and take the microphone, if there is one. Give everyone a moment to turn their attention to you and then start speaking.

Toasting Basics

  • Keep your toast short and to the point – don’t go on and on and on.
  • Be sincere and make eye contact with your guests.
  • Thank everyone for coming and thank your children if they are hosting.
  • Tell a brief personal story of an experience or two that you’ve shared with your wife. [Avoid overly personal or embarrassing stories.]
  • Turn to your wife and look her in the eye. Tell her how happy you are to be married to her, how happy today has made you, and how much you love her.