Trying to find the perfect way to ask your spouse to renew your vows? Propose again! This is your opportunity to show your creativity and your love for your spouse. Remember that there is no one right way to ask your spouse to renew your vows. Simply speak from your heart during the conversation. If you’re really nervous, you can rehearse things, but where love is concerned, the right words tend to come at the right time. Here are ten creative ways to propose:

Romantic At-Home Vow Renewal Proposal Ideas

  1. Write your spouse a love note with your proposal to renew your vows at the end of it. Tuck it into the book she/he is reading at the moment, the cover of her/his tablet, or leave it on her/his pillow.
  2. Turn off all the lights in your home and make a trail of candles that leads to your bedroom where your spouse will find you waiting on one knee ready to propose again.
  3. Tie a red velvet ribbon from one spot in your home to another. Attach little notes recalling perfect moments in your marriage along the way. You wait at the last stop, ready to propose again.

Fabulous Foodie Vow Renewal Proposal Ideas

  1. Put together a gift basket of your spouse’s favorite treats – chocolate, coffee, cookies, fruit – and tuck a love note with your vow renewal proposal among the treats.
  2. Head out to your favorite restaurant for dinner. Ask the pastry chef to write, “Will you marry me again?” in chocolate sauce around the rim of her/his dessert plate.
  3. Order a cake from your favorite bakery with the vow renewal proposal written in frosting. Surprise your spouse with it when you walk in the door after work.

Playful Vow Renewal Proposal Ideas

  1. Spell your vow renewal proposal out in glow-in-the-dark star stickers on your ceiling. Get into bed, turn the lights off and wait for the inevitable gasp.
  2. Have a busy life with kids? Spell out your vow renewal proposal with refrigerator magnets. Have your littlest one read it out loud as you all get ready in the morning.
  3. Sneak into your spouse’s office or classroom before he/she gets there and write your vow renewal proposal on his/her desk, whiteboard, or blackboard. Stay hiding in the coat closet or right outside the room until he/she arrives.
  4. While waiting for dinner to arrive at a restaurant, play hangman with the kids and have the phrase be “Marry me again.”

Have more creative vow renewal proposal ideas? Share yours with us in the comments! Plus, we’d also love to hear all the details about your real vow renewal proposal.

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