The Emergency Kit – A Vow Renewal Must-Have

An emergency kit is simply a bag full of the items you might need to make a quick fix to pretty much any emergency that comes up.  It’s rare when a day ends without something being less than perfect!  It’s also a good idea to toss this in your luggage if you’re off on a second honeymoon!  Here is our list of must have items for your emergency kit:

  • Ibuprofen or Tylenol  to handle a headache or other pain
  • Antacid and anti-nausea medication to handle an upset stomach
  • Band-Aids® or other Adhesive Bandages to save your feet from new shoes
  • Lip gloss for moistening dry lips
  • Translucent face powder to fix makeup due to sweating
  • Hairspray
  • Deodorant
  • A small brush and compact mirror
  • Nail file
  • Extra bobby pins if you’re wearing your hair in an updo
  • Clear nail polish to seal runs in stockings and reapply any rhinestones or other embellishments that may come loose from dresses.
  • A travel size sewing kit with extra straight pins and safety pins
  • A stain remover stick
  • Wet wipes for makeup touch ups, sticky fingers, and a quick freshen up
  • Double stick tape to repair a hem that’s come undone
  • A roll of duct tape to take care of pretty much any emergency!

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