Feel like standing on top of the tallest building and telling the world how much your love your spouse? Put the spotlight on your marriage by proposing all over again in public. Making a big public vow renewal proposal is the perfect way to kick off your vow renewal plans and give your spouse a new story to tell friends over and over. Bringing your own touch to one of these ideas to make sure it’s absolutely perfect. (Tip: A new ring isn’t necessary for this proposal, but it does work well with a new piece of jewelry like a necklace, bracelet, or earrings if you like.)

Delightful Public Vow Renewal Proposal Ideas

  1. Go back to the place where you proposed the first time and recreate your original proposal.
  2. Plan a date night to a live theater production. Get in touch with the stage manager ahead of time and propose after the cast’s curtain call.
  3. Take out a full-page ad in a newspaper you know your spouse reads daily. Prepare to share the big moment over breakfast!
  4. Taking a vacation to Las Vegas? Arrange with a street caricaturist to propose again. Have him sketch a picture of you two with word bubbles. Yours will read, “Will you marry me again?” and your spouse’s will say, “Yes!”
  5. Go out for a night of dancing and ask the DJ or bandleader to pass you the mic so you can dedicate a song to your spouse and propose to renew your vows on the dance floor.
  6. Love going to the movies together? Ask your neighborhood theater to run an ad featuring your vow renewal proposal in the previews and make sure you get there early, so you see it together.
  7. Gather a bunch of your friends and family for a BBQ or dinner party. Make the moment special by proposing once everyone sits down to eat. Tip: You can get everyone’s attention by tapping your glass with a spoon to make a toast to the love of your life.

Have more romantic ideas for proposing again in public? Share your vow renewal proposal idea with us in the comments! We’d also love to hear all the details about your real vow renewal proposal.

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