The Tea Ceremony

The Tea Ceremony

Meaning – This ceremony focuses on the simple things in life, like love.

Time – About 2 to 3 minutes


  • A pot of hot water
  • A small teapot
  • 3 small tea cups without handles
  • A container of tea
  • A small clean scoop or spoon
  • A cloth to wipe the utensils

Placement: This ceremony enhancement can be added to any spot within the ceremony.

Spoken by the Officiant
Tea is a common thing the world over.  People drink it daily, a quick cup here and there, alone or with friends, at work, while walking down the street.  It is a normal part of life, almost invisible in it’s simplicity. It is a part of a home, shared with those we care about. We chat over it, laugh over it, cry over it with a cup of steaming comfort in our hands.

It is a reminder that it is the simplest things that can mean the most to us. _____ and _____ have chosen to share tea together as a part of their vow renewal, to remind us that the simplest things like tea, or love, can be the most profound of all.

A scoop of tea is placed into the small teapot, and the spoon is wiped down and placed back into its exact position.   Water is added from the large pot, and it is placed again back in position. The teapot is carefully swirled to aid in brewing, three times, then replaced.

_____ takes the pot and pours the first cup for _____. They take it and drink a sip, then replaces the first cup.

_____ pours the second cup for _____. They take it and drink before replacing the second cup.

They pour the third cup together.  _____ holds it for _____ to drink, and _____ holds it for _____ to drink.  It is also replaced to its original position.

Beyond the enjoyment of the tea, _____ and _____ take away from this ceremony a serene simplicity that can be applied to their everyday life.