Involving Your Children in Your Vow Renewal Ceremony

Looking for fresh ideas on ways to include your children in your vow renewal ceremony? Think the sand ceremony is overdone? Here are some bright ideas to get you started on finding the perfect way to involve your children in your vow renewal ceremony in a meaningful way.

Depending on the ages of your children and formality of the ceremony, there are all kinds of ways to include your children. Here’s a list of some of our favorites:

  • Have them be attendants
  • Select or have them select a poem or piece of scripture to read
  • Have them sing a song
  • Have them play a favorite piece of instrumental music
  • Give each child a flower to carry down the isle and give to you to make up your bouquet
  • Have the children form a circle of love around you and your husband by joining hands (works best with several children or your children and parents together)
  • Present each of them with a gold or silver band or necklace and pledge your continued commitment to a strong family before completing your vows
  • Have them take part in the family treasure ceremony
  • Have them do the ties that bind ceremony
  • Say vows with them in addition to each other

The Family Treasure Ceremony

The family treasure ceremony has each of you bringing something that represents each person’s favorite memory of the family, saying a few words about what memory it represents to them and then placing it in a box. It’s wonderful if you can find a box that it lidded or like a treasure box. This becomes your family treasure.

The treasure ceremony is great for the ages of your family as even the little one should understand the idea. It’s a lovely ceremony that can be repeated over the years and brought out as the children age for reminiscing.

The Ties That Bind Ceremony

The ties that bind ceremony involves utilizing ribbons of different colors to create connections between you and your husband and your children. The colors represent their uniqueness. Each child should select their color. These ribbons are presented to you, you add one from each you and your husband and then tied by your husband. They should be braided and tied at the end.