Cell Phone Etiquette for Guests

While we all understand that cell phones have become an essential part of daily life for the majority of people, there are simply times when the off or at least mute button should be used.  Addressing this with vow renewal guests is an unfortunate reality today.  Here are three polite ways to ask guests to turn off their cell phones before the ceremony begins:

  1. If you’re planning on having guest sign a guest book as they enter the ceremony site, post an attractive sign in a picture frame next to the book to remind your guests to turn off their cell phones.  Sample wording: “We wish to remind you to please turn off your cell phone ringer and refrain from using your cell phone during the ceremony. Thank you!”
  2. If you are having ceremony programs, you can also print this same wording in them.
  3. If you are not using a ceremony program or having guests sign a guest book, your last option is to have someone make an announcement just before the processional begins, such as “Please turn off your cell phones—the ceremony is about to begin!” While this is the most intrusive, it may be necessary if your designated person notices guests using their phones while waiting for the ceremony to start.