The Rose Presentation Ceremony

The Rose Presentation Ceremony

Meaning – This rose presentation allows the couple to honor those persons that they feel have offered great support for them.  Many couples use this ceremony enhancement to honor their mothers.

Time – About 1 to 2 minutes

Supplies – Rose for each honored person

Placement – The rose presentation ceremony can be included anywhere within the vow renewal ceremony.  Many couples elect to give the roses at the very beginning of the ceremony.

Spoken by the Officiant
This vow renewal is a celebration of two unique families who have joined to become one.  Today we celebrate the uniting of these families by the marriage of _____ and __________ and _____ would like to acknowledge the love, support, and sacrifice that each honored person has made to help make the _____ and _____ who they are today – – a couple who is committed to their loving marriage and family of their own.

The couple, together, present a rose to each honored person.