From vow renewals to weddings, myths abound when it comes to the cake. Getting it right and keeping it on budget really isn’t all that hard if you separate the myths from reality.

Myth #1: A Dessert Buffet is a Must-Have

Dessert buffets have evolved over the years as one more way to try to create over-the-top events, they are not a must have. A delicious vow renewal cake is enough dessert to offer your guests after a meal. If you really want to offer a variety of desserts, feel free to order a small vow renewal cake and serve half portions You could also complement your cake with a single truffle, chocolate, or cookie.

Myth #2: The Sweeter the Better

The popular fondant icing used to cover many cakes and the marzipan and gum paste icings used to make flowers and other decorations are made with tons and tons of sugar. While we too have a sweet tooth, too much of a good thing is simply too much. Counter some of that sweetness by trading icing flowers for fresh flowers. Then mix is up by selecting a tart fruit filling to balance out the sweetness. Buttercream icing is also a less expensive and better-tasting alternative to fondant. You can also use fresh berries or other seasonal fruit to decorate your cake!

Myth #3:Simple Cakes Are Less Expensive Than Elaborate Cakes

So, you’re planning to order a cake with super clean lines and virtually no decorations to save money, think again. That perfectly simple cake has to be virtually flawless. An attribute that may cost you even more than over-the-top decorations. Why? All those wonderful flowers, swags, rosettes and fleur-de-lis can hide a lot of little imperfections in the base fondant or buttercream icing. Also, that beautiful smooth fondant always costs more than traditional buttercream.

Myth #4: Making Your Own Cake Is Cheap

Unless you’re a professional cake baker or opting for basic cupcakes, you’re going to have to buy a variety of costly tools and equipment such a special pans, cake boards, decorating bags and tips, risers, and so on. Then there are the ingredients if you’re planning on making a tiered cake, boxed cake mixes are probably not going to get you the results you need, and canned icing just won’t do. You’re also going to need to do some practice runs to get your decorating skills up to par. Now add in time for researching, baking, hand-crafting flowers, and buying a cake stand. Now you’ve got one costly and labor-intensive project on your hands. Even if you are an experienced cake baker do you want the stress of having this major project to do at the last minute? This is one of those times that is probably less expensive overall to pay someone to do it for you!

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