Say hello to the sweet tastes of summer!

The cake you select for your vow renewal should be one of the most delicious you’ve ever eaten. While there’s nothing wrong with good old vanilla and chocolate, or even Funfetti, lemon, or almond, there are so many more cake flavor possibilities. A summer vow renewal is a perfect time to take advantage of the season’s finest and freshest flavor offerings. Many of the tasty and popular choices make use of the season’s fresh fruits, herbs, or vegetables. To inspire you to explore the flavor possibilities, we’ve rounded up 13 innovative summer vow renewal cake flavors. Each brings the season into your confection and is sure to delight you and your guests.

Going with a mouthwatering seasonal flavor is a wonderful way to celebrate saying, “I do still” in the summer months. Bakers around the world are always experimenting with unique flavors in hopes of creating a fresh take on the classic cake. The result is a variety of seasonally inspired options that are perfect for summer cow renewals. Many of these unique, fresh flavors marry two favorites to create something new such as lavender and lemon, prosecco and rose, and carrot and orange blossom.

With options spanning subtle to vibrant flavors that make use of the season’s freshest ingredients, selecting only one might be hard! No matter which flavor you choose, your guests are sure to want seconds of your delicious summer vow renewal cake. Ready to have your taste buds tantalized? Below, you will find 11 summer wedding cake flavors that will inspire you to trade in vanilla for something fresh.

White Butter Cake with Apricot Jam, Pistachio Crunch, and Fiori Di Siciiia Buttercream

The first question you might have about this cake is regarding the flavor of Fiori Di Siciiia buttercream. Fiori Di Siciiia is an Italian flavor extract that combines citrus, vanilla, and floral essences. When added to icing, the result is a unique, sweet flavor with subtle notes of orange and vanilla. The sweetness of the frosting and classic white butter cake is perfectly balanced out by the tartness of the apricot jam filling and saltiness of the pistachio crunch. These elements also deliver a textural combination that is very pleasing to even the most discerning of palettes. The soft apricot and greenish tones work well with natural embellishments.

Lemon Raspberry Sponge Cake with Lemon Curd and Raspberry Buttercream

Raspberry and lemon are a timeless flavor pairing. Sweet, tart, and acidic, this combination is perfect for the couple who wants a delicious cake that’s not overly sweet. Plus, the red and yellow color palette is bursting with summer brightness. Layers of lemon raspberry sponge cake are filled with tart lemon curd and wrapped in fresh raspberry buttercream to create this refreshing combination of flavors. The key to creating the perfect icing lies in handmaking the raspberry reduction that is used to flavor it – a raspberry jam will not work as it’s too sweet.

Champagne and Strawberries

What could be more perfect for a summer vow renewal? The classic combination of champagne and strawberries is ideal for a sophisticated summer vow renewal. The cake is created by soaking a champagne-infused butter cake with champagne syrup. The decadent layers are then filled with strawberry and champagne preserves and wrapped in fresh strawberry buttercream. The result is a rich combination that is still fresh and looks beautiful with its pink tinge.

Lemon Ginger Thyme Cake with Fresh Berry Compote, Lemon Ganache, and Cream Cheese Buttercream.

What could say summer more than fresh lemons? How about lemons, herbs, and berries! This is a complex combination of flavors that genuinely delivers a taste that hits all of the notes of summer. The harmony of the lemon, ginger, and thyme in the cake layers provides a pleasing flavor combination with just the right amount of sweetness and spice. Fillings of a sweet summer berry compote and tangy lemon ganache perfectly balance one another. The cream cheese buttercream delivers just the right amount of decadent sweetness and a lovely feel in the mouth with each bite. The result is a combination that is summer perfection.

Carrot Blossom and Ginger Cake

This cake has incredible depth and flavor and is perfect for late summer. The surprising addition of caraway seeds to a classic carrot cake creates a unique depth of flavor in the cake layers. Ginger brings some spice to the sweet orange blossom icing creating a surprising freshness and excellent alternative to the traditional cream cheese icing typically found on a carrot cake. This cake is perfect for your rustic or casual summer vow renewal, yet works well in even the most formal of styles. The cake can be assembled in any form from naked to fully iced with elaborated embellishments.

Earl Grey Cake with Lavender Buttercream

Perfect for a summer morning vow renewal in the garden, this cake is sure to delight tea lovers. This cake is created by taking layers of white cake that are delicately flavored with the finest earl gray tea and wrapping them in lavender-infused Swiss meringue buttercream. The result is a sophisticated pairing that deftly balances sweet and savory notes. The subtle orange notes of the tea are lovely with the delicate essence of the lavender.

Prosecco and Rose

Perfect for a summer garden vow renewal, Prosecco and rose delivers a beautifully feminine flavor combination. This combination is created by flavoring lightly textured cake layers with a subtle hint of Prosecco. The layers are then wrapped in a softly rose-scented buttercream. The result is a cake that smells as good as it tastes.

Yellow Butter Cake with Strawberry Jam Filling and Fresh Strawberries

This cake is a fresh take on a classic strawberry shortcake. With each bite, you feel as if you’re revisiting the best summers of your life. Layers of classic yellow butter cake are filled with homemade strawberry jam, wrapped in a sweet buttercream icing, and then embellished with fresh strawberries to create this summer classic. The result is a cake that perfectly delivers the classic tastes of summer and works well for vow renewals through July.

Lemon, Thyme, and Lavender Cake

This cake has a delicate flavor profile that evolves with every bite. Layers of lemon and thyme cake are wrapped in lemon-lavender icing for an elevated dessert with a subtle texture. The combination is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. This citrus, floral, and herb cake is made even better with the addition of fresh blueberries. Use them as a filling between layers or as an embellishment.

Fresh Mint Cake with Lime Buttercream

Reminiscent of the classic mojito, this cake could quickly become a summer favorite of everyone lucky enough to get a slice. Each bite will transport your guests to down memory lane to summer nights filled with dancing and cocktails. This stunning cake is created by soaking layers of vanilla butter cake in mojito syrup and then layering them with tangy lime buttercream. The result is a beautiful cake with green-hued icing that looks amazing when embellished with brightly-hued summer blooms and sprigs of fresh mint.

Caramelized Bananas with Dulcey Chocolate and Passionfruit

This cake is the ultimate indulgence with its rich flavor profile. Dulcey is a buttery, toasty, white chocolate that is not too sweet, yet smooth and creamy. It’s warm, blond color makes for a dreamy Swiss meringue buttercream that is well suited to pairing with tropical flavors. This cake is created by layering caramelized banana cake with a passionfruit cream and Dulcey icing. The result is that every bite is a mouthful of tropical summer decadence!

Piña Colada Cake

Whether your vow renewal is at the beach, a tropical destination, or at home, this flavor combination brings the tropics to you and your guests with every bite. This sweet sensation is created by layering coconut sponge cake with a fresh pineapple filling, piña colada buttercream, and sweetened coconut. This cake works well with a naked or semi-naked design as the fresh pineapple filling is best added the same day the cake is served.

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