Round out your vow renewal with a unique square confection

If you’re looking for a unique cake for your vow renewal, consider a square one. Square cakes add a kind of creativity and interest to your vow renewal that traditional round tiers just can’t. You can choose a cake with a single color of icing or one with an exciting or fun print (polka dots, squiggles, chevron, hearts, etc.). Decorate it with bows, ribbons, flowers or unique cake toppers. Or perhaps a naked vow renewal cake is more your style. You can also square and mix round cake tiers to make your cake even more unique! Square cakes are looking absolutely charming in vow renewal photos, scroll down to view our cake inspiration gallery, and you’ll be convinced!

Square tiers, with their clean, crisp lines and perfect 90-degree angles, provide an easy way to create a modern vow renewal cake. They provide an eye-catching, fresh alternative compared to their classic round counterparts.

Delicate flowers, such as iris and freesia, accenting the geometric corners of a square vow renewal cake, creates a very unusual look. Decorations such as ribbons, lace, rhinestones, geometric patterns, geodes, and unusual cake toppers also work well with a square cake. Square cakes also complement any style, from naked to covered in fondant, and boho to art deco. They also look lovely accented with flowers in between tiers.

If you want something a little out of the ordinary for your vow renewal cake, consider going with a single cake or multiple cakes in a square shape. They can deliver a look that is anywhere from traditional to trendy.

Gift Wrapped Square Vow Renewal Cakes

For a new twist on the traditional stacked vow renewal cake, design your square cakes to resemble intricately wrapped gifts. This design is perfect for a milestone anniversary vow renewal! Often achieved with the use of smoother fondant frostings, cakes decorated to look like a stack of wrapped gifts have a variety of accents for beautiful looks appropriate for casual vow renewals. Accent frosting that resembles bows and ribbon with accents of frosting pearls and beads in a variety of colors for a classic look.

Square Single Tier Vow Renewal Cakes

Although many vow renewal cakes use traditional stacked tiers, a square single tier cake has several advantages as a vow renewal cake. The ease and efficiency of cutting make it an excellent choice for very large vow renewals. The cake can be decorated to match the vow renewal decorations and decorated with flowers and fanciful designs around the edges. Multiple square single layer cakes can also be arranged on pedestals at varying heights and look great at any vow renewal style.

Square Nature-Inspired Vow Renewal Cakes

Stacking layers of square cakes on top of one another is a great way to form shapes reminiscent of mountains. Take advantage of this natural shape to create a nature-inspired vow renewal cake. Dress cakes with twigs, branches, berries, leaves, or flowers, arranging them, so they flow in one direction over the cake. Light the design from below to cast shadows on the cake through the decoration that highlights the effect perfect for an outdoor vow renewal.

Vow Renewal Cakes with Color and Cornelli Lace

If you want to add color but not a lot, consider placing small dots of frosting throughout a cornelli lace design. Unless you cross your lines, this lace pattern is hard to mess up. It looks beautiful from close up and far away, plus when you dot in frosting in your vow renewal colors, it makes the design stand out even more. Set layers askew and only do every other layer with color to keep it from taking on a polka dot pattern. The lace cake is an excellent choice for a semi-formal or casual vow renewal.

Contemporary Square Vow Renewal Cake Designs

The clean lines of a square cake lend themselves perfectly to contemporary cake designs that are perfect for more modern vow renewals. Ways that square cakes can be given a modern twist include:

  • Printing images onto the sides of the cake to give it the appearance of a movie marquee or a billboard
  • Using geometric designs around the perimeter of the cake, such as herringbone or chevron patterns in bold colors
  • Decorating the cake to look like blocks of wood complete with grain, concrete blocks, or bricks, so the cake resembles architecture

Scroll Design Work Vow Renewal Cakes

Buttercream frosting doesn’t offer couples the guaranteed picture-perfect finish of fondant. However, they can still be decorated with a gorgeous design. Decorations that lend themselves exceptionally well to buttercream include fleur-de-lis shapes, paisley designs, latticework, and scroll designs. A few flowers can top off the cake to add depth and color. For a bigger punch of color, use tinted frosting for the design work.

Contrasting Design Vow Renewal Cakes

Many contrasting images are in the shape of squares, such as checkerboards. There are many exciting ideas for vow renewals from upscale whimsical themes to ones with casual boho vibes. Consider using contrasts to create a unique cake, such as:

Vow Renewal Cakes with Alternating Colors and Flavor

Create layers in alternating colors with different flavors of cake and filling in each. Use fondant to create long, loose swags that hang from one or two layers of cake or from only one side of the cake, gathering on the table and leaving the other sides bare. Plain, square cakes in precise layers with haphazard or spiraling flowers, branches, or other design spilling from the top down the sides also look fantastic.

Wine-Themed Square Cakes

Turn a squared tiered cake into a themed one and incorporate the sharp corner angles to help define the design. For example, a cake that is perfect for a wine-themed vow renewal at a vineyard uses the corners as the ideal spot for hanging the grapes. Making sure that the design can be seen from each side is vital when pulling off a square themed cake.

Vow Renewal Cakes with Embroidered Floral Designs

Replicate your bouquet or even the lace on your vow renewal gown by using royal icing to add an embroidered design to the tiered cake. Utilizing the opposite bottom corners for design work creates a modern look. The cake design is perfect for a garden vow renewal or a formal, upscale vow renewal at any time of year. Use black or gold for a luxurious touch.

Naked Square Vow Renewal Cakes

Naked vow renewal cakes seem to have become classics, and many couples are choosing them for their unique look. You may go for a single cake flavor or all different flavored tiers. Decorate the cake with fresh flowers, fruit, and berries for a classically beautiful look. Or try air plants and succulents or greenery for a more modern feel. Add drip icing for a mouth-watering look!

Buttercream Square Vow Renewal Cakes

White buttercream icing on a vow renewal cake is classic. Take it modern and bold with a single large flower, leaf, or a branch for a minimalist style vow renewal. Marble, ombre, and hand-painted effects on icing also look fabulously modern. If you are going for a boho vow renewal, sugar macramé decor and some bright flowers on top will be just perfect. Get inspired!

Traditional Square Cake Advantages

Most traditional vow renewal cakes are stacked in descending sizes and covered in white or ivory frosting. Many couples choosing a conventional stacked display decorate their cake with confectionery accents and real or silk flowers in hues that match or complement their vow renewal colors.

Other advantages of square vow renewal cakes include:

  • Square cakes may yield more servings than a round cake of similar size.
  • You can offset the layers of cake at angles to one another to create a twisting or spiral effect.
  • The shape of the cakes is an excellent backdrop for several decorating styles, from art deco to scrollwork to traditional fondant swags.
  • Square vow renewal cakes often offer more room around the perimeter of stacked layers for embellishments and other decorations.
  • Virtually any design can be adapted to a classic square cake, making it an ideal choice for couples.

Get Inspired

Your cake can be anything you imagine, and with a square backdrop, you’ll be able to create anything you can conceive in your design. Create a square vow renewal cake that embodies everything about your special day. From geometric designs to sleek ruffles, please take a look at some of our favorite square-shaped confections.

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