Making your cake the focal point of the reception doesn’t end with ordering the most fabulous cake ever.  How you accessorize it can make it stand out even more.  Here are some classic ways to make it even more personal from the top down!

  • Cake Toppers: From the kitschy to the elegant, there is one perfect for virtually every couple.  While cake toppers have become optional over the years, they can also be a great expression of your style.  Perhaps you even have your original cake topper?  If so, this is the perfect time to showcase it again.  If not, shop around!  Undoubtedly, you will find toppers that make you laugh, delight you, or even play a tune for you. For a fun idea, consider having an artist to render a caricature of the two of you in polymer. Make sure you share your topper or idea with your Baker early on so they can plan the design of your cake to coordinate with it and support its weight.
  • Cake Plate: Cake plates have long be used to accentuate the beauty of the cake and make it easy to serve as they have a special edge that is rounded out for easy plate-to-plate transfers. You can find beautiful, unique cake plates in Grandma’s china cabinet, antique shops, estate sales, and better department stores.  They come in a variety of materials including china, milk glass, enamel, granite, glass, and silver-plated.
  • Cake Pedestals: Cake pedestals are footed cake plates.  Like cake plates, they are made of a variety of materials including crystal, china, milk glass, glass, and silver-plated.  They tend to have a decorative edge that is often reminiscent of lace.  They are timelessly sweet and somehow always lend a personal touch to a cake. They can be found in the same places as a cake plate, so start your search in Grandma’s china cabinet.
  • Cake Stands: If you’re planning on having a particularly large cake or don’t want to chance stacking the tiers, you can display the tiers on a cake stand. You can also set a fully tiered cake on a large single stand.  When it comes right down to it, virtually anything can be used as a cake stand. The essential elements are multiple stands at different heights that will support the weight of the cake.  Your baker likely has a nice selection of designs, plus they can be rented from your party rental store.
  • Cake Table: The table where you will be displaying your cake should be as elegantly dressed as the cake itself.  Select a complimentary tablecloth and accent it with flower arrangements,  green plants or leaves, rose petals, seasonal fruits, or your original wedding photo.
  • Champagne Glasses: An elegant set of champagne glasses for toasting always adds a wonderful touch to the cake table. Adorn them with ribbon, silk flowers, charms, or other beautiful embellishments around the stems.  This is also a great time to dig out that original pair you had monogrammed with your initials and wedding date.
  • Serving Set: Still have your original serving set?  If so, this is a perfect time to bring them out and put them on display again.  If not, find a set that compliments your vow renewal style – be they antique, heirloom or brand new. To give them an extra special touch, embellish them with ribbon or a flower.

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