The cake table is often used as the focal point of the vow renewal reception. Since it will get a lot of attention, the cake table is an important piece of your reception décor. Focus on your vow renewal theme and other décor to inspire your design.

The Tablecloth

Start decorating at the very base of the table with a tablecloth that has a pattern or color similar to your vow renewal colors or the decorations on your cake. Have a little fun and choose something different than all the other tablecloths you’ve selected for the guest tables.  Look for a Damask print, floral pattern, stripe, or even polka dotted tablecloth. Just be sure to coordinate the colors and/or fabric, so it doesn’t feel out of place.  If you are planning on topping the table with a variety of other decorative elements, a solid colored tablecloth may be ideal.

Floral Accents

For a quick cake table decorating without added expense, simply transfer ceremony arrangements such as aisle decorations, alter arrangements or extra flower petals to your cake table. If you opted for the traditional bridal party bouquets, you could use these as decorations for the cake table. You can also get flowers specifically for the cake table.

You can also opt for other types of plants for cake table décor. Potted plants, small topiaries, or fern or palm fronds are nice ways to add some greenery to the cake table.

Candy and Fruit Accents

Footed or china bowls filled with candies like traditional Jordan almonds, butter mints, and color coordinating candy coated chocolates look lovely on a cake table. If appropriate for your theme or color scheme, fruits like lemons, apples, pears or berries can be scattered in groups around the table or placed in bowls.

Additional Color and Theme Ideas

  • For a beach theme, scatter seashells, coral, dried starfish, sand dollars, or driftwood around the table.
  • For a garden wedding, use bouquets of fresh flowers to decorate the cake table.
  • If your cake has a strong theme, use it as inspiration. For example, if your cake features bows or ribbons around the tiers, use ribbon to decorate the cake table.
  • You can use a recent photo of the two of you and your original wedding photo as décor for the cake table. You can also place a collage of photos spanning your marriage under a piece of glass on the cake table.
  • If the cake serving set is especially nice, you can display it next to the cake.
  • A backdrop of a screen, photo, or painting is another way to make accent the cake and table.
  • You might also consider using something other than a traditional table, such as a column or old fashioned barrel – just make sure it’s stable!

No matter what style of vow renewal or cake you’re planning, there is a cake table decoration style that is perfect for you.

Note: While candles are nice, they can melt the icing so skip them. If you want to add light to the table, use battery operated votive candles or battery operated paper lanterns above the cake table.