25 Short and Romantic Vows

Vows are integral to your vow renewal ceremony and should be just as unique as your marriage. The exchange of vows is truly an essential element in a wedding vow […]

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Vows are integral to your vow renewal ceremony and should be just as unique as your marriage.

The exchange of vows is truly an essential element in a wedding vow renewal ceremony. The vows you write or select will exceed the importance of anything your officiant might say about you during their entire ceremony. Vows are the verbalized expression of two hearts in love. They can be long or short; length is truly irrelevant. There’s nothing like simplicity, so don’t be concerned about selecting short vows. No matter their length, they will hold a deep and beautiful message to your spouse. Here are 25 vow examples to inspire you or use as your own.

  1. Until today, the day I married you, that was the best day of my life.
  2. All that I have, all that I am, all that I will ever be, is yours and because of my love you for.
  3. I call you ‘My [spouse’s name or knickname]’ because you are my everything. You are my light, and you’ve shown me more love than I’ve ever known.
  4. The sun smiles on us today as we renew our vows, anyhow can it not, for our love is stronger than ever, and our hearts beat together as one.
  5. I see these vows not as promises but as privileges: I get to laugh with you and cry with you; care for you and share with you. And most importantly, love you every single day.
  6. You make my joys greater, my sorrows more bearable, and my spirit known. I promise you nothing less than the rest of my life. This is what I mean when I tell you I love you every day.
  7. You’re my best friend, confidant, lover, and partner. Together we have created a safe haven in our marriage from the chaos of the rest of the world, and in you, I have found comfort, joy, and peace.
  8. Your beauty, heart, and mind inspire me to be the best person I can be. I promise to love you for eternity, respecting you, honoring you, being faithful to you, and sharing my life with you. This is my solemn vow.
  9. You have been my best friend, mentor, confidant, lover, and greatest challenge. But most importantly, you are the love of my life. You make me happier than I could ever have imagined and feel more love than I ever thought possible.
  10. You know me better than anyone else in this world, and somehow still you manage to love me. You are my best friend and one true love. There is still a part of me today that cannot believe that I’m the lucky one who is married to you.
  11. [Name], I bring myself to you this day to recommit my life to you. You can trust my love, for it’s real. I promise to be a faithful mate, and to unfailingly share and support your hopes, dreams, and goals. I vow to be there for you always.
  12. I love you more than words can say. I know you can feel it every day! And the best thing about it is that I feel all your love in return each and every day. 25 years ago, we started our forever story…thank you for choosing me to write it with.
  13. I promise always to be there when you need me, to fill your days with sunshine, to comfort and encourage you, and help you reach your goals. You are my best friend and one true love. I promise to love you for all my life with all my heart.
  14. Because of you, I laugh, I smile, I dare to dream. Each day, I look forward to sharing my life with you, caring for you, nurturing you, being there for you. I promise today, as I did on our wedding day, to love and cherish you through whatever life brings us.
  15. I [Name] affirm my love to you, [Name]. You are the most beautiful, smart, and generous person I have ever known, and I promise always to respect you and love you. With kindness, unselfishness, and trust, I will continue to work by your side to our life together wonderful.
  16. I love you without knowing how, or when or from where. I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride. Loving what I know of you, and trusting what I do not yet know. Home is wherever you are. I love you not for what you are but what I am when I’m with you.
  17. I love you. Very simple. Very truly. You are the epitome of everything I have ever looked for in another human being. There isn’t another soul on this planet who has ever made me half the person I am when I’m with you. I am forever changed because of who you are and what you’ve meant to me.
  18. With you, I have learned to take it slow. When we met, all I knew was that I couldn’t wait to spend my life with you. Only time would allow me to see your true colors. You’re generous, loving, kind, and patient. It’s been 25 amazing years with you by my side. I can’t wait to see what the next 25 reveals.
  19. I love you, [Name]. You are my best friend. Today I recommit myself to you and our marriage. I promise to be there when you need me, to fill your days with sunshine, to comfort you and encourage you, to help you reach your goals, to be your best friend ever and to love you all my life with all my heart.
  20. From the moment our paths crossed, you’ve surprised me, distracted me, captivated me, and challenged me in ways that no one else ever has. I’ve fallen in love with your again and again over the years, countless times, without reservation, and I still can’t believe that each and every day I get to call you my wife/husband.
  21. When there has been cold, you have brought warmth; where there was darkness, you have brought light. Our miracle lies in the path we have chosen together. I entered into this marriage knowing that the true magic of love was following a path together, hand in hand. Today, let us recommit to the miracle of our marriage. I love you.
  22. Together, we laugh at our jokes. And together, I will always be there for you, respecting your thoughts and talking with you. Making you laugh when you’re feeling down. Enjoying our life at its best and worst. Loving you all day from morning till night. Together at heart, no matter how far apart. These things you know to be true now, and all our days after.
  23. There are three words that are stronger than I love you. 25 years ago, I stood in front of you to say ‘I choose you.’ Today, I stand in front of you to remind you that each and every day I choose you over all others. I choose you to share happiness with. I choose you to care for. I choose you to have a family with. I choose you to grow with. I choose you to love forever.
  24. You are my inspiration and my soul’s fire. You are the magic of my days. You help me laugh, and you teach me to love. You provide a safe place for me, unlike I’ve ever known. You free me to sing my own song. You are more of an amazement to me, each day I rediscover you. You are my greatest love. Of this we are certain. You are lodged in my heart. The small key is lost. You must stay there forever.
  25. I love you, with everything I have. Each and every day I am so proud to call you my husband/wife. Words will never be enough to show the love I have for you. When I’m with you, my heart beats so fast. I feel like it may explode if I let myself feel just how much I love you. The extent of your beauty is overwhelming, both inside and out. I could not possibly live without you. I promise to always be there for you and our family, and never let you down. I look forward to each and every day of growing old with you. You are my best friend, and my soulmate, I have loved you since the day I met you, and I will continue to do so until forever.

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Once before I have stood with you before our family and friends;
Once again I take your hand as my partner for life.
Promising all the promises that I made before.
(Name), I take you this day and for all of my days as my (husband/wife).

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