Q, How can we make our invitations unique? We don’t want something typical!

A Just like your vow renewal will be uniquely yours, so can your invitations. In fact, there are countless ways to make you invitations unique! It all starts with the paper you choose to have them printed on. There are countless paper options including handmade papers that incorporate flower petals or other natural elements, corrugated stock in unbleached, natural hues, linen papers, vellum, metallic, matte, semi-gloss, and glossy finishes. The style of font that you use for the wording can also make your invitation uniquely yours as there are thousands of font options available today. In addition, you can have your wording or other elements embossed, engraved, or letter-pressed into the paper. Adding an ornamental flourish can also make your invites uniquely personal, whether it be with a graphic element, beautiful ribbon, lapel pin, a tiny string of beads, or seashells affixed to the top of the card. Don’t forget about creating invitation wording that expresses your style and that of your vow renewal celebration. Finally, let’s not forget the most obvious way to make it uniquely yours – color! Color can be applied to the paper, ink, ornamental flourishes, envelopes, and so on. Finish them off with a custom designed stamp!