Q. Do you have any additional thoughts on preparations for a urban vow renewal without guests?

A. An urban vow renewal for two can be quite romantic and delightful! Here are some ideas to get you moving in the right direction:

  • Pick a spot that you find particularly beautiful or holds significance in your relationship to have the ceremony. Since you’re not having guests, you shouldn’t need a permit (make a quick call ahead of time to check, though).
  • Pick a date to hold your ceremony and make sure the spot you’ve selected won’t be crowded that day.
  • Feel free to dress to the nines in a long gown and tuxedo or go simple with a short dress and suit.
  • Hire a single violinist to provide music to make the moment all the more intimate or make use of your mobile phone to provide background music.
  • Write your own vows and/or speak them from the heart.
  • You can opt to have an officiant preside over the ceremony or keep it ultimately private with just the two of you.
  • Follow up the ceremony with a quick dance to music provided by the violinist and then go to your favorite restaurant for an elaborate meal for two.
  • Wrap up the evening by staying in a luxurious hotel where you have had champagne and strawberries delivered to the room, and roses petals sprinkled on the bed. Complete your celebration with breakfast delivered by room service!
  • You might also hire a photographer to capture this special moment for you. Since you will have no guests, the photographer will be free to take some truly memorable shots of you and the ceremony.

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