Photos capture the most important moments of our lives. They tell our story for generations to come and allow us to share a glimpse into our lives with friends near and far today. Whether you’re wanting a fabulous album or simply want a collection of digital images, here are some photography basics to consider:

Vow Renewal PhotographyChoose Your Photography Style

Browse back through your wedding album and wander around Pinterest for inspiration. Look at as many celebration pictures as you possibly can. Know someone else who renewed their vows? Sneak a peek at their album – I’m sure they’d be more than willing to tell you all about it! You want to familiarize yourself with all the photo styles out there: formal portraits, candid photojournalism, black-and-white, color and sepia prints. Once you know what styles appeal to the two of you, start your search for a photographer that excels in the styles you find most appealing.

What About Video?
Do you want one? Did you have one the first time? Some couples opt for a family member versus hiring a professional videographer. Take a moment and think about the role video plays in your lives before you decide. It’s really special to have such significant moments captured in a medium that includes all of your gestures, voices, and our loved ones that can be shared with others today and for generations to come.

Set a Budget
Ask yourself this key question: In the grand scheme of things, how important is it to have great photos? Couples typically spend between $500 to $4,000 on photos. While that adds up to a significant portion of any vow renewal budget, remember the trade-off is a beautiful visual record that will not only last forever but will increase in sentimental value as the years go by and new generations join your family.