Capturing the special moments and details of your vow renewal will make for unforgettable memories and an envy-worthy album. Seriously, who doesn’t want amazing photos to share on Facebook or Google+? Here are the top photos that will make your vow renewal unforgettable.

  1. Vow Renewal PhotosGetting Ready – It’s really fun to give your spouse a little insight into what went into making your look so stunning as you joined him as the ceremony. The hair, the nails, the makeup, the dress: make sure your photographer catches all the pre-ceremony excitement.
  2. Formal Portraits – Before your walk down the aisle, have your photographer take a few fashion magazine worthy shots of each of you looking fabulous.
  3. Candid and Fun Couple Shot – We can bet you and your spouse are pretty good at making each other laugh, so make sure your photographer gets a few candid photos to capture those moments.
  4. Detail Couple Shot – These shots can also work well later in the evening. Steal away from the party for a few minutes to snap a few detailed couple shots.
  5. The Environmental Couple Shot – Have your photographer get plenty of sweeping landscapes of the two of you.
  6. A Romantic Couple Shot – You’ll have plenty of reasons to get close to one another during the reception, just make sure your photographer is there to catch a few of them on camera.
  7. Dramatic Black and White Photo – Want a more classic feel? One of the highlights of digital photography is that you can make any photo black and white.
  8. The First Look – It’s one of the most exciting moments of the day. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen each other over the years this moment is unlike any other, make sure the photographer is there to capture your expressions.
  9. A Photo with Your Children and/or Parents – Vow renewals are special for families, so make sure everyone is included when it comes to those before-the-ceremony photos.
  10. Flower Girls And Ring Bearers – Kids are notorious for stealing the spotlight during the ceremony, it will be even more special if they are your children or grandchildren.
  11. Sweeping Shot of Ceremony – Years later, a beautiful overall shot of the ceremony can take you right back to how you felt at that moment.
  12. The Kiss – Have your photographer focus on just the two of you in capturing this moment that seals your promise to each other once again.
  13. The Entire Celebration – Whether you have a vow renewal with 10 or 100, getting everyone together for one sweeping shot can definitely make for a memorable photo.
  14. Guests Dancing – After all of those sweet moments, it’s time to get the party started. Your guests will be ready to cut loose on the dance floor, and your photographer should be there to capture all the wild (and goofy) dance moves.
  15. The Toasts – From serious to silly, the toasts can be such a memorable part of the evening. Let your photographer know ahead of time where the VIPs will be speaking, so he can make sure to get the right shots.
  16. The Bouquet – Chances are your bouquet is a work of art! All the more reason to get a few gorgeous close-ups to show every detail of the flowers.
  17. The Dress – What special occasion isn’t all about the dress? What you’ll wear is usually one of the first things you think about when planning your vow renewal. And typically is a highlight moment in the process of planning your vow renewal. Whether you searched for months or it was the “first one you tried on,” give your vow renewal dress a spotlight moment of its own. A classic photo for capturing a traditional white or ivory dress involves backlighting the dress by shooting in front of a window.
  18. Shoes and Accessories – A vow renewal is the perfect time to have some fun with your shoes and accessories! Show off your personalities with selections that make it shine and have your photographer capture them in all their glory.
  19. The New Rings – If you opted to get new rings, make sure you get an artsy photo of them. Let your imagination run wild with this one. Nestle the rings in your flowers, hang them on a small twig or branch outside, display them alongside colorful fruit; the possibilities are nearly endless.
  20. The Boutonnieres – These days, boutonnieres are just as creative as bouquets. Snap a few photos of them before and after they’ve been pinned on.
  21. The Invitations – Even if you’re saving a few invitations for your wedding scrapbook, a still-life style photo is another opportunity (like with your rings) for your photographer to get creative.
  22. The Welcome Sign – This one makes a great introduction at the front of your album to help set the mood.
  23. Ceremony Chair Decor – Focus on the decorative touches that helped set your ceremony apart.
  24. Ceremony Programs – Fans, ribbons, booklets: Ceremony programs are hardly ho-hum. Get a close-up to showcase the unique design you picked.
  25. The Guestbook – Whether you opt for a traditional guest book or a more contemporary art piece, a quick snapshot in your album is the perfect reminder of everyone who joined you in celebrating your vow renewal.
  26. The Reception Venue Exterior – These photos look especially lovely as the sky dims and your photographer can capture the warm glow coming from your reception area or tent.
  27. The Reception Venue Interior – You’ve shelled out for the decor, centerpieces, food, and everything else that went into making your reception magical, which is exactly why you should send in your photographer ahead of time.
  28. The Escort Cards – We love how creative escort cards and displays of them have become. Whether you’ve placed them in perfect rows or hung them from a tree, your photographer will want to zoom in on these details.
  29. Table and Place Setting – It’s all about the details. These photos will remind you that those months of planning were worth it.
  30. The Centerpieces – Small or large, DIY or not, your centerpieces are, well, the “center” of attention when it comes to the tables.
  31. Favors – We know you didn’t spend hours adding those handwritten cards or tying ribbons on boxes for nothing! Get a few shots of your gorgeous favors before they’re all gone.
  32. The Cake – Before it’s sliced, diced, and handed out to your guests, have your photographer get a few good shots of your cake.
  33. The Signature Cocktail – These specialty drinks get more creative all the time — which is exactly why they deserve a shot all their own.
  34. The Food – Have your photographer snap a few quick shots around the reception.
  35. The Musicians or Band – Live band or not, you’ll want to have a few shots to remember who kept the party going the whole night long.