Vow Renewal To Do’s: 6-9 Months in Advance

|||Vow Renewal To Do’s: 6-9 Months in Advance

Planning your vow renewal - reception and ceremony

Planning Your Vow Renewal – To Do’s 6-9 Months in Advance

The days are flying by as you plan your vow renewal and it’s time to get moving on attire, invites, and food and beverage decisions. Here are the things you need to take care of at this point in your planning:

  • Firm up plans for what the two of you want to wear—Schedule rentals or place orders.
  • If you’re having female attendants, order dresses and accessories.
  • If you’re having male attendants and ushers, select their attire; schedule rentals as necessary.
  • Order your invitations, announcements, personal stationery, and other printed accessories and invitation enclosures. Obtain envelopes in advance.
  • Address and send save-the-date notices if necessary (6 months or earlier).
  • Schedule the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. Notify attendees of the schedule.
  • Plan/reserve accommodations and activities for out-of-town guests and attendants as necessary.
  • Choose your reception menu and the type of food-and-beverage service.

Already past the 6 months mark and just getting started planning? No problem! Check out our lists for 12-24 months, 3-6 months, and 1-3 months to get on track fast and tackle the priority items.

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