The 10 Tips for Throwing a Fabulous New Year's Eve Vow Renewal
If you’re the couple that throws a big New Year’s Eve party every year for your friends and family, why not renew your vows at the same time? Planning a holiday vow renewal can be a little more complicated that one at a less busy time of year, but it’s completely doable if you keep a few things in mind. Here are ten tips for throwing a New Year’s Eve vow renewal.

New Year’s Eve is a popular date for parties period. You’ll want to secure your vendors well in advance. This might mean having to plan your vow renewal at least a year in advance! If you have a shorter time frame to work with, consider using a party planner who has connections.

New Year’s Eve is a holiday, so be prepared to pay more for everything. Vendor rates will likely be at least 50% more on holidays. Plus, your celebration will go past midnight, which could add even more to the price tag. Make sure your budget is large enough to handle the premium rates.

Keep in mind that vendors are people too. This means they may go home to visit their family for the holidays. Depending on the type of vendor they are, they may also be swamped right before your vow renewal. Be realistic when trying to contact them! They will get back to you. It’s best to make sure you have everything settled with them, and they have the day of schedule in hand a few days before Christmas. Ask about their holiday plan and adjust your expectations accordingly.

Be prepared for unpredictable weather. From wind to rain or snow, you need to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best (unless, of course, you’re having your vow renewal somewhere warm). Having your ceremony and reception in the space location is best.

Winter is not a prime growing season. The selection of flowers will not be quite as abundant as during the spring and summer. You may have to pay a premium price to get must-have flowers shipped in from another country. Consider limiting your use of flowers or go with another type of decor altogether.

New Year’s Eve creates a challenge when it comes to transportation. Traffic, parking, or even getting a cab or Uber can be a serious issue. Be thoughtful, and make sure that guests won’t encounter these issues or plan transportation for them.

Wear comfortable shoes. Aching feet don’t make for a fun night of dancing! While those designer shoes might look great during your ceremony, plan to switch them out for some that are far more comfortable for your reception.

Keep the timing in mind. If you want your reception to be in full swing come midnight, you will need to plan your timeline accordingly. Your ceremony shouldn’t start before 7 p.m., and 8 p.m. is better. If you’ll be serving a meal, it should be as early as possible, so keep the cocktail hour short. It would be best if you fed your guests as early as possible to give them the energy to party all night. Since everyone will undoubtedly be drinking quite a bit, make sure that you serve heavy snacks at the midnight hour approaches or just after.

Make midnight memorable! The high point of a New Year’s Eve party should be midnight, even if it is your vow renewal. Work with your DJ or band to create a fabulous countdown. The music should be pumping, and the dance floor full as your champagne toast is brought out. Have your photographer capture candids of everyone kissing at midnight for wonderful memories to look back on.

No one will ever forget your vow renewal! Celebrating renewing your vows and ringing in the New Year with friends and family is a blast. Be prepared for everyone to ask you the next year what you’re doing for New Year’s Eve. They’ll undoubtedly be hoping for another fantastic party!