Keeping Your Vow Renewal Guest List Under ControlYour guest list can quickly become very large and break your budget if you try to invite everyone. Here are some easy and thoughtful ways to keep it under control:

1. Leave out work colleagues and clients.
You’re not obligated to invite work colleagues and clients at all, so feel free to pass on everyone or draw some clear lines. You might want to only invite immediate colleagues such as your boss, assistants, or department. When it comes to clients, feel free to skip them all together or just invite long time or very important clients.

2. Draw family lines.
If you come from a large family, you might need to draw some clear lines by relationship on who does and doesn’t get invited. Possible lines include first, second or third cousins, immediate family (brothers, sisters, parents), but not aunts and uncles. Make sure you’re consistent on both sides of your families.

3. Pass on friends who live far away.
For a vow renewal, it’s really not necessary to invite people who would need to travel a significant distance that you don’t see frequently.

4. Sort guests into tiers and stick to your limits.
Draw lines equilaterally when it comes to family, work associates, friends, and clients. Don’t start adding your B list if you can’t afford it. It’s seldom possible to invite everyone you know!