Are you thinking of planning a holiday vow renewal? We all know that holidays can be a special time for celebrating our relationships and commitments. With indulgent meals and lots of time with family and friends in mind, a vow renewal during the holidays seems like a perfect fit. It does, however, come with its own set of challenges

Whether it’s to commemorate a milestone anniversary or show your everlasting commitment to your partner, the holidays can be a special time to celebrate our relationships and commitments. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind when planning your special day. From scheduling far enough in advance to choosing the right venue to creating an atmosphere that reflects the love and commitment between you and your partner, here are 4 things to consider if you’re planning a holiday vow renewal.

Consider a Smaller Guest List

Planning a vow renewal is a special occasion that deserves to be celebrated with loved ones. But if it’s during the holidays, it can be difficult to ensure that all your guests can make it. Even if you plan your vow renewal a year or more in advance, there’s a chance that choosing a date during the holidays will discourage some guests from coming, whether it’s because they have their own family celebrations to attend or due to the high cost of travel at this time.

If you’re worried that you’ll have fewer guests in attendance, consider making your vow renewal a more intimate, family-focused event, or plan to hold your celebration at a less busy time of year. Choosing a date for the vow renewal that isn’t near the holidays is an ideal solution, as it will maximize chances of attendance while still allowing you to plan ahead and have enough time to arrange all details.

Family Comes First

If you’re planning on inviting guests beyond your own families and close friends, you should consider turning your vow renewal into a family-friendly affair and adding kids to the guest list. Inviting children to a vow renewal can be a great way to create lasting memories for everyone. Inviting children is also an excellent way to increase the odds of your guests accepting your invitation and RSVPing “yes,” as they won’t have to choose between your love and spending the holidays with their children. Not only will this help guarantee that all members of the family can attend, but it also shows that you care about their needs and want them to be part of your celebration.

With the right planning, you can make your ceremony and celebration a family-friendly event and enjoyable for all ages. There’s no better way to show your commitment than by sharing it with the next generation!

Keeping children entertained at parties can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be! Hiring a few babysitters to look after the smaller ones ensures that your guests can enjoy the festivities without worrying about their little ones. Additionally, setting up kid-friendly activities such as a 10 p.m. “Ball Drop” helps make the evening special for the little ones too. With these thoughtful touches, your guests of all ages will have an enjoyable and memorable evening.

Be Prepared for Higher Prices

Granted, there may be fewer vow renewals and even weddings happening on a holiday; however, you will still have more than plenty of competition.

Even though holiday vow renewals may be fewer in number, the competition for couples to make their special day stand out among the rest is still alive and well. With so many holiday events vying for attention, it is important to find creative ways to make your event shine. Thankfully, with a bit of extra effort and creativity, you can ensure your vow renewal stands out from the rest.

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, finding the perfect venue or photographer for your special day can be difficult. While the holidays bring an abundance of joy and cheer, they also bring an increase in costs for event services. Between holiday parties, vacations, and vendors wanting to spend time with their own families, the price of your dream venue or favorite photographer may be much higher than it would be during a different season. Still, with careful planning and strategic budgeting, couples can find a way to have their dream vow renewal while still enjoying all that the holiday season has to offer.

Celebrating a vow renewal on a special holiday is an incredibly meaningful way to commemorate your love and commitment. But it’s important to be aware of the added expense that comes with planning a vow renewal on an actual holiday like Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve/Day or New Year’s Eve. Even if the day falls during the week rather than the weekend, you may need to be prepared to pay more for venue rental, catering and other services.

This also applies to things like flights and hotel rooms, especially if you have your vow renewal at a winter destination. Hotels book up months in advance, and airline prices skyrocket this time of year, so the financial impact could also affect your guests.

Start Booking Early

When planning a vow renewal during the holidays, competition for a space or vendor to hold a celebration can be fierce. You’re not just competing against family gatherings vying for the same venues and vendors, but you are also competing against corporate holiday parties and New Year’s Eve galas. It can be difficult to secure a venue that meets the needs of your vow renewal when there is so much competition. Fortunately, with careful planning and research, you can find an ideal space or vendor to make your celebration a success.

As soon as you have a vision for your big day, the next step is to start contacting and booking vendors. Doing this early gives you time to compare different options and find the perfect fit for your vow renewal. It also provides time to make a backup plan should your dream venue or other vendor be unavailable on your special day. Don’t wait – get started today!


In conclusion, planning a holiday vow renewal is a great way to celebrate your love and commitment. Knowing how to plan for this event can ensure that it goes off without a hitch, making it an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, but it should be meaningful and special for you and your spouse. Focus on the details that will make the celebration unique and memorable for years to come. These important elements may include venue, guests, ceremony and traditions – that will make the event special for you both. Don’t forget to document the occasion with photographs or video. You’ll have beautiful memories of your special day that will last a lifetime! Most importantly, stay true to your relationship and what matters most to you both.

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