16 Last-Minute Vow Renewal Planning Details You Can’t Forget About

As the dates on the calendar near the day of your vow renewal, there are a few details that you can’t forget to do. They’re small but essential, and you […]

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As the dates on the calendar near the day of your vow renewal, there are a few details that you can’t forget to do. They’re small but essential, and you can easily handle them! Unfortunately, these won’t be quite as fun as things like shopping and going to tastings.

It’s time to dig into the less glamorous details like making a day-of timeline, coordinating deliveries, assigning a point person to field questions, finalizing your ceremony, and packing for your second honeymoon. To help you avoid day-of stress, we’ve outlined 16 of the most common last-minute things you need to do before the big day. Keep this list handy, so you can be sure everything comes together smoothly.

Assign a Point Person

If there’s one thing we can promise you about the day of your vow renewal, it’s that virtually everyone will have a question for you. Assign a coordinator, friend, planner — anyone but you — to handle inquiries so you can enjoy your day.

Confirm Any Backup Plans

If you’re planning an outdoor vow renewal, you want to make sure your plan B is ready to be put into action in case bad weather is forecast for your big day.

Create a Day-Of Schedule

This is most important if you’re having a coordinator or planner but still a good idea even if you’re not. Map out the times when everything needs to happen, including when the ceremony will start and what time you’ll need to wrap up the reception. Share your schedule with your point person and key friends and family to help ensure everything goes smoothly.

Confirm Extra Decor Setup

All of your DIY decor items need someone to setup them up. Whether you’re planning to set up the finishing touches, like favors, signage, or other small decor elements, yourselves or assigning the task to someone else, make sure you have the duty planned out ahead of time.

Make Your Music Playlists

Along with making a list of your favorite tunes for cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing, you should also come up with a list of songs you do not want to hear at any point throughout the night. Remember, these don’t have to be setlists of what to play when. They should, however, give your DJ some guidance about do and do not want to be played.

Final Dress Fitting

If you opted to wear a formal gown for your vow renewal, you should schedule your final dress fitting shortly before the big day so that any last-minute alterations can be made, and you can pick up your gown in ready-to-wear condition.

Finalize Your Getting-Ready Timeline

This means confirming arrival times or appointments with your hair and makeup artists, giving a schedule to helpers and attendants, and letting your photographer know what time to arrive.

Confirm Delivery Times

Most venues give you a set time frame when the place is all yours. You’ll need to make sure the caterer’s arrival and all deliveries, including rentals, flowers, and your cake, fall within the correct time and will be set up with room to spare.

Finalize Your Ceremony and Vows

Whether the two of you decided to write your own vows or go with something already prepared, check in with your officiant to make sure everything is in order for ceremony. You’ll want to have the ceremony order finalized before the rehearsal.

Pack for Your Second Honeymoon

We can promise you the last thing you’ll want to do after your vow renewal is to have to pack for your trip. Save yourself tons of stress by packing a few days ahead of time.

Give Your Caterer a Final Headcount

To ensure your caterer makes the right amount of food, without too much waste, you’ll want to give an accurate headcount as close to the day-of as possible. Most vendors want this information a few days before your reception so they can plan accordingly.

Package Your Favors

This can mean anything from adding a final tag or bow to packaging homemade treats in gift boxes. (For the latter, you’ll want to give yourself a little extra time!)

Prepare Tip Envelopes

You’ll want to thank your vendors for their exceptional service after the reception. Put your checks or cash in pre-designate envelopes and give them to your point person, planner, or relative who can take care of handing them out at the end of the evening.

Pack Day-Of Essentials

If you aren’t having your vow renewal at home, avoid day-of stress by packing up everything you need to get ready a few days early. This includes any makeup, hair products, shapewear, and accessories you’ll need. Make your list and check it twice!

Hair Removal

It’s not the most glamorous task, but book any hair-removal appointment for at least a few days before your vow renewal. The last thing you want is to be dealing with an adverse reaction day-of.

Get a Manicure and Pedicure

Your hands are featured a lot in photos, so both of you should take time to get at least a manicure before the big day. This is the perfect time to splurge on a good-quality manicure and pedicure. Pick a flattering nail color that you’ll love looking at in photos for years to come.

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