Tips for the guys on selecting their attire – A focus on comfort and style

A beach vow renewal can go from Kennedy Classic style to a more casual clambake style. The fashion options to choose from range widely: think shorts, sundresses bare feet, and straw hats to a tan suit. It actually starts with the location and overall style you’ve decided on for your vow renewal. Will you be actually on the beach or near a beach? If you are holding your ceremony and reception indoors, your attire could run from a blazer and slacks to a tux. Most importantly, you’ll want to coordinate with your spouse regarding formality and color. If you’ll be outdoors, but not right on the beach, the classic navy blue blazer and tan slacks is a classic option. Alternatively, if you will be on the beach, skip a tie, unbutton the top button of your shirt, and feel free to forego the jacket if you like.

Ultimately, you want to chose a look that is simple and subtle, that like your marriage stands the test of time. Here are a few looks that we’re quite sure will hold up:

  • A blazer, white shirt, and light-colored dress pants
  • A linen suit in a lighter color such as cream, khaki, sand, shale, or wheat with a white shirt and understated tie
  • A navy blue, charcoal or black tropical wool suit with a white shirt and dark tie
  • A white linen shirt and navy dress pants
  • Stone-colored khaki shorts and a solid-colored shirt

Stop and take a look around the setting. Take a color cue from nature’s hues and choose attire colors to complement the setting, formality, and theme to ensure a look that is timeless.