Vow Renewal Reception Seating Chart Worksheet
Once you’ve planned out the perfect reception, it’s time to decide who will sit where if it will be a formal occasion. Putting together the perfect seating chart for your vow renewal reception can be a challenging task. You will want to arrange friends, family, and colleagues into tables where your guests will have the greatest chance of having a pleasant conversation and an enjoyable time.  You may want to consider taking factors such as their relationship to you, interests, age, and so on into account when deciding which table to place guests at.  It’s also important to consider the arrangement of the tables in relationship to one another; placing a table of older adults next to a table of rowdy 20 somethings isn’t always the greatest plan!

Download the I Do Still! PDFOnce you have your guest list firmed up and chart made, it’s important to keep the details organized and handy to share with your venue and coordinators. We’ve created a worksheet to help you stay organized. Please feel free to download it and add it to your vow renewal organizer.