Planning a Second Honeymoon 101

Second honeymoons are the perfect way to wrap up your vow renewal celebration. Here are the four questions you need to answer to get started planning your trip:

1. What’s your budget?

Whether your budget is small or grand, there are countless wonderful destinations to choose from for a second honeymoon. Local hots spots and Vegas are always economical destinations for those on a smaller budget. If money plentiful, consider a romantic trip to Europe, an exotic island, or adventure in Asia.

2. Going alone or with the family?

If you have always wanted to take a big family trip, there is also an excellent opportunity to continue sharing your love with your family. There are boundless options that offer both a fabulous family experience and yet can provide wonderful private moments for a couple. One great example is a Disney vacation.

3. How many vacation days do you have available and when can you both get away from work and/or other obligations?

Some destinations are the perfect weekend get-a-way, while others are better suited for a week or more. Check both of your calendars and compare schedules to find the best times for you to both be away, so outside interruptions will be minimal.

4. Where have the two of you always wanted to go?

Second Honeymoon Destination for Your Vow Renewal- The BeachNot sure? Ask colleagues, friends, family and travel agents for suggestions about places they have been and loved and where to stay away from. Professional travel planners and agents often have insight to destinations you haven’t considered and deals that are not available elsewhere.

First, decide what you most want from the experience. Thinking cuddling up together in front of a big fire in the fireplace after spending the day skiing sounds perfect, cross off the Caribbean, Mexico, and other tropical destinations from your list of possibilities. If you were thinking that partying your way through your vacation sounds idea, Vegas rather than a mountain lodge would be a good option! If you see yourself standing on the beach renewing your vows and then spending days relaxing on a lounger in the sun, you’ve just eliminated most urban locations. Looking for an all inclusive package, then consider a cruise or resort. Make sure you take the weather and time of year into consideration; would a rainy season ruin your getaway, how about 100 degrees plus heat, or are you looking forward to the privacy that comes with vacationing during the off-season? For example, the end of June in Vegas is incredibly hot, but March is delightful.

Get Planning!

Now that you have answers to the biggest four factors in planning a second honeymoon, start by calling a travel agent! If you have AAA, take advantage of their travel planning services and discounts! The earlier you get started with the planning, the more likely you are to end up with a second honeymoon that meets both your expectations and your budget.

With the internet today, it’s tempting to go ahead and book your trip on your own, but you would be wise to consider consulting the services of a respected travel agent. They may have ideas you may not have thought of and have access to special deals and discounts. They are also able to help you compare honeymoon and travel packages, and may be familiar with the reputations of certain resorts, hotels, and cruise lines. They are also generally knowledgeable about the paperwork you’ll need for traveling abroad and are prepared to rearrange flights on your behalf if needed. Be sure to add your travel agent’s number to your emergency contact list and travel itinerary for easy access.

Once you’ve decided on your second honeymoon destination, think about what you want to do while you’re there. If you want to see a show, exhibit, eat at a special restaurant, go to a trendy nightclub, or go on an adventure, it’s important to book these activities ahead of time. This will prevent you from missing out on the things you really wanted to see or do. Just don’t overbook yourself! After all, this is your second honeymoon, and you’ll want time to relax. Plan in plenty of time for just the two of you to relax; this shouldn’t be another endless to-do-list!