10 Second Honeymoon Mistakes Not to Make

Tips for Making Your Second Honeymoon the Romantic Trip of a Lifetime We asked top travel agents to share some of the biggest mistakes they see couples planning a second […]

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Tips for Making Your Second Honeymoon the Romantic Trip of a Lifetime

We asked top travel agents to share some of the biggest mistakes they see couples planning a second honeymoon make and how you can avoid them. Here are the top 10 things you want to avoid based on their feedback.

1. Leaving the day after the vow renewal.

The last thing you want to do is start your romantic trip exhausted from the party, feeling jet-lagged and generally cranky. Give yourselves at least a day or two between the celebration and your departure, so you have some time to decompress. This way, you can start your trip fresh and in the right mood.

2. Packing too much.

It’s only natural to want to look perfect and have absolutely everything you could possibly need on your big trip. Unfortunately, this tends to lead to serious overpacking. The last thing you want to do is lug around a lot of heavy luggage, especially if you will be visiting more than one destination. Think carefully about the number of shoes, jewelry, and other accessories you bring. Think mix and match outfits and a single color palette to keep your look perfect, yet minimize luggage.

3. Splurging on the first location in a multi-stop trip.

Couples remember the peak and the end of their trip most, according to top psychiatrists and happiness experts, so splurging on your first stop isn’t the best use of your money. If you will be making multiple stops and can afford to splurge only once, save your money for a grand finale. However, if you have the budget, every stop you book should be fabulous from the hotel or resort to the method of travel and excursions.

4. Going for quantity instead of quality.

A lot of people think that the longer they can be away, the more romantic, relaxing, or exciting it will be. But, as research shows, you won’t remember every moment of your trip, just the peak moments. For the best memories, put your money to its best use by spending more on really memorable once-in-a-lifetime experiences, like a helicopter ride to an otherwise unreachable area, one-on-one time with a top chef, or experiencing the authentical local culture. You’ll be glad you trade days for experiences!

5. Doing nothing.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to spend time relaxing, however, if that’s all you do, you’ll regret it. Chances are, you’ve been thinking about taking this trip for years, so making the most of it is important. Make signing up for those bucket list items like adrenalin-pumping activities you’ve never done before, indulging in intimate dining experiences, or taking in all the famous sights where you are visiting. That jet-boat ride, ATV tour, or bungee jumping will likely become a key point in your stories later, plus mastering a challenge together can be a huge bonding experience.

6. Doing too much.

On the other hand, you want to avoid doing what a lot of people do – try to fill their days with too many experiences or cover too much territory. It’s not only a lot of time and expense to fly between countries, but taking in lots of big activities every day will leave you tired and crabby. Keep it simple and enjoy yourselves!

7. Saving the adventure for last.

Many second honeymoon itineraries consist of a two-part trip – half adventure and half relaxation. Schedule the adventure for the first half when you’re super excited and up for anything, and save the pampering for the end so you can return to real life as relaxed as you can be.

8. Forgetting about school vacations.

Traveling during spring and Christmas break has led to many disappointing second honeymoon trips. Be sure to check with your destination choice before you book your honeymoon about top times for families and kids. You can also check school schedules so you don’t end up traveling when there are a bunch of crazy college students or screaming kids running around. It’s also best to avoid family destinations and resorts. Research adults-only resorts or those that have special areas for couples complete with all the romantic bells and whistles, like outdoor showers or daily breakfast in bed.

9. Not doing your room research.

Say you want to be in a suite facing the east so you can take in the sunrise or one on the west side so you’ll be able to sip champagne and watch the sunset from your balcony. It’s important to have that room intel. Check top travel reviewer sites for room tips and photos of views.

10. Scrimping on your trip.

If there’s any part of your vow renewal to splurge on, it’s on your second honeymoon. After years of traveling with kids and being budget-focused, it’s time to reward yourselves with a trip worthy of your love.

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