Renewing Your Wedding Vows is for Every Couple!

You hear about celebrities renewing their vows in the media quite frequently these days, but who else is renewing their wedding vows? The honest answer is pretty much everyone from 18 to 100+ in terms of general demographics. Let’s take a look at the general groups:

Couples who eloped –whatever their reason was for eloping originally, it’s quite common to see them have a more elaborate vow renewal within a few years of eloping.

Couples who had a destination wedding – it’s not uncommon for newlyweds who had a destination wedding to return home and renew their vows in front of family of friends.

Couples celebrating a milestone anniversary – be it a first, 5th, 10th, 25th, 50th or other milestone anniversary significant to them, couples are celebrating with a vow renewal instead of just an anniversary party.

Couples who have made it through a difficult time – whether it’s an illness, financial crisis, or relationship challenge, couples who make it through with their love and marriage intact are choosing to celebrate their success with a vow renewal.

Couples who couldn’t afford to have the wedding they wanted – one of the benefits of growing older together tends to be increased financial resources, so couples who dreamed of inviting all of their friends and family to celebrate with them at their wedding, but couldn’t afford it when they wed, often opt to have a big vow renewal and reception when the money becomes available.

“War” brides and grooms – with the number of military actions that have occurred over the last few decades, couples who married quickly before one or both of them were deployed are opting to have the bigger celebration they didn’t have the opportunity to have once they are both safely home again.

Couples who experienced wedding day disasters – while they can’t undo the disaster or have another wedding day, they can have a second try at the celebration of their love and commitment to one another they dreamed of with a vow renewal. After all, making new memories together is one of the things marriage is about!

Each year more and more couples from all walks of life and all ages are opting to say “I Do Still” to one another as they celebrate their love and enduring commitment to one another and their marriage. And that is the most exciting news we’ve heard of in a very long time!

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Get Your copy of the Simple Vows Inspiration eBook