Top 5 Vow Renewal Planning Mistakes + Ways to Avoid them!

|||Top 5 Vow Renewal Planning Mistakes + Ways to Avoid them!

Top 5 Vow Renewal Planning Mistakes + Ways to Avoid them!

Plan a Headache-Free Vow Renewal

As you start planning your vow renewal, the first thing on your wish list is probably that the day will be perfect – no disasters, no disappointments, no meltdowns, and no need for police or emergency services! After all, those are the things wedding bloopers are made of and have no place in your vow renewal. So how do you create a day that wrapped in a protective bubble of love and happiness befitting this celebration? The truth is, planning the perfect celebration to renew your vows is all about making the right decisions along the way and avoiding wandering down the wrong path. Here are the top five mistakes to avoid in planning your vow renewal:

  1. Having an unlimited open bar – Everyone loves an open bar, but too much alcohol is the top cause of event nightmares. We’re not suggesting you not serve any alcohol unless that’s what you want. We do suggest you put a limit on it. The “average” person can metabolize one drink per hour, so keep that in mind.
  2. DIY’ing everything yourself – Whether you’re crafty, a great cook, or DJ on the side, doing things yourself is a great way to save money and/or have things just as you want them. Keep in mind, you can’t do it all alone! Be sure to recruit plenty of family and friends to help or hire someone. This applies in particular if you’re planning on doing your own catering. You can’t be the center of attention and be in the kitchen!
  3. Inviting the wrong people – I’m sure you already know exactly whom the “wrong people” are just reading this. Do yourselves a huge favor and don’t invite anyone that makes you cringe when you think about them, causes feelings of dread, elicits eye rolling from either of you or otherwise makes you feel less than excited. These are the people that bring the unwanted drama. You are under no obligation to invite anyone to this personal celebration, so keep your guest list to those people who make you happy.
  4. Not getting a guest count – You need an accurate guest count to make sure you have the right amount of everything – space, food, drinks, favors, and so on. Getting answers from guests that don’t RSVP can be a hassle, but take the time to do it and save yourself countless last minute headaches and possibly a lot of money. Ordering 50% more food than you actually need is very expensive, and you may have to figure out what you’re going to do with it!
  5. Thinking a vow renewal will _______ – A vow renewal will not mend a marriage, fix a broken heart, erase a betrayal, make other people happy about X, rekindle the spark that seems missing between the two of you, make other people think everything is fine between the two of you, or achieve some other miracle. Vow renewals do not have super powers or healing powers. They are simply meant to give the two of you the opportunity to formally acknowledge your commitment to each other and your marriage.

Now that you’re forewarned get back to planning your perfect day! There are lots of exciting decisions to make about what you’re going to wear and how you will create the perfect atmosphere.

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