What to Wear for a Destination Vow Renewal

Planning a destination vow renewal is all about the details. Selecting the perfect attire for your destination vow renewal is no exception. Finding the right attire requires you to take into special consideration the ceremony location, travel plans, and overall style of your event. Plus, you’re going to want to make sure that everything arrives and in good condition!

Destination Vow Renewal Attire For Her

The Dress

It’s important to marry your personal style with that of your destination when selecting your dress. It should take into account the location, climate, and style of your ceremony. There would be little worse than wearing a big heavy dress on the beach in 100-degree temperatures! You might consider a light and airy gown that moves beautifully with the breeze for a beach vow renewal. In contrast, a heavier, short, more sparkly gown would be the better choice for a New Year’s Eve vow renewal in Vegas. Fortunately, you’re having a vow renewal, rather that a first wedding, so you have endless options! Get creative and check out white dresses, that aren’t necessarily sold as wedding gowns, with simpler silhouettes or something in your favorite color. Just keep in mind that your dress will need to travel with you, so materials that are less inclined to wrinkle terribly or can be touched up with an iron or steam are favored. It’s also good to make sure you can have it steamed at your destination.

The Shoes

It’s definitely important to match the terrain to your choice of shoes! Strappy high heels for a ceremony on the beach or on the grass are not very practical or comfortable. Taking your ceremony location into consideration ahead of time will definitely save you a lot of trouble on the big day. Consider styles with a more substantial heel, a wedge, or even flats for surfaces that are uneven or unstable. If you’ll be standing on the beach in the sand, you may even want to skip the shoes altogether and go barefoot. Remember, you can always change into a different pair of shoes for the reception!

The Accessories

Accessories can turn a more simple gown into something amazing. Match them to the destination, theme, or season for an added bit of style. Headed to a castle? How about a tiara? Off to Hawaii? Tuck a colorful blossom behind your ear. Have a retro theme? How about a vintage jewelry? Having a black tie event? Think chandelier earrings and a rhinestone bracelet. Having a springtime English garden vow renewal? How about a fabulous hat?

Destination Vow Renewal Attire For Him

The same suggestions apply to the gentleman’s attire. His attire should take into account the location, climate, style of your ceremony, and her attire (if it isn’t a secret!).

The Suit

There would be little worse than wearing a formal tuxedo on the beach in 100-degree temperatures! You might consider a lighter linen or cotton-blend suit in beige or khaki for a beach vow renewal. Not only will it not show evidence of sand on it like a dark suit would, but it will look great against the blue ocean background and next to her flowing gown. If she will be wearing a more casual sundress style dress, a crisp white shirt without a jacket and tie may be perfect. In contrast, if you’re headed to Vegas for a New Year’s Eve vow renewal, consider a classic black suit with tone-on-tone shirt and tie in a color to compliment her dress or bouquet. Having a grand affair? A traditional tuxedo with tails would be appropriate.

The Shoes

It’s equally important for you to match the terrain to your choice of shoes! For a vow renewal ceremony on the beach, leather sandals would be preferred over loafers. For a more formal vow renewal, a pair of oxfords will compliment the look. Remember – there is nothing wrong with wearing a nice pair of oxfords that have been polished that you already own and finds comfortable over renting shoes with a tux! It’s tough to dance the night away with your feet killing you!

Getting It There

If you’re flying, call the airline in advance to ensure that you can carry on your dress and suit. If at all possible, avoid checking your attire to prevent it from not arriving with you. It’s also a good idea to insure your vow renewal attire if it was expensive. Even with the utmost care, there is always the risk losing or damaging your attire in transit. Should that happen to your $5,000 designer dress, you will be relieved to know it is covered! If you’ll be packing your attire into luggage, make sure you use plenty of white tissue paper to minimize the wrinkles.