Reception Site Worksheet
Finding the perfect reception venue for your vow renewal can be a challenging task. It takes scouting and getting detailed information about costs and policies in order to make an informed decision. You will undoubtedly encounter significant differences in what’s included, rules, and costs as you review your options.  Make sure you factor in inclusions that you would have otherwise needed to rent or purchase to your comparison.  For example, a venue that includes tables, chairs, and your choice of linens may appear to have a higher cost initially, but if you factor in the value of these items, you might find that it is actually less expensive than another option.  The reverse can be true for requirements for the use of particular vendors or up-charges for using non-preferred vendors.

Download the I Do Still! PDFTo help you make your selection and keep the details organized and handy, we’ve created a worksheet to help you stay organized. The sheet will help you get details about the capacity of the room/hall, fees, hours of availability, equipment needs or inclusions with the space, requirements for catering and beverages, service staff, and decorating details. Please feel free to download it and add it to your vow renewal organizer.