Finding the perfect caterer for your vow renewal reception can be a challenging task. Especially if you’re a foodie!  Depending on your budget, the options are virtually limitless. First up is the hors d’ouevres options. Then you have to decide between a buffet or plated sit-down dinner.  Now, which options to offer for the carnivores and vegetarians?  Will you only have your vow renewal cake for dessert or a full dessert buffet? What about beverages? Alcohol? Champagne and wine? Beer? Non-alcoholic options?  What service staff will you need? How about equipment and decorations for the buffet, cake table, bar, etc?

Download the I Do Still! PDFTo help you make your selection and keep the details organized and handy to share with your venue and coordinators, we’ve created a worksheet to help you stay organized. Please feel free to download it and add it to your vow renewal organizer.