No matter the destination, we promise it’ll still be the best trip of your lives.

If you’re thinking about how to save money on second honeymoon travel, you’ll be happy to know that there are many ways to decrease the overall cost of a romantic trip and get the most bang for your buck. While a second honeymoon can be an expensive proposition, with sky-high costs for airfare, hotel rooms and meals, couples do not have to break the bank to enjoy a romantic getaway. With a little bit of planning and creativity, couples can save money on their second honeymoon no matter the destination.

With so many romantic getaways on offer, there are plenty of ideas for couples looking to plan an unforgettable second honeymoon on a budget. So don’t wait any longer – start planning your dream second honeymoon today! Whether you’re into booking travel packages or handcrafting the perfect bespoke itinerary, we’ve got plenty of tips. Here are the top ways to save on a second honeymoon.

1. Cash in on Your Credit Card Points

By signing up for the right travel rewards credit card, you can rack up rewards and snag a sign-up bonus that can be used toward flights, hotels, and other incidentals. Other points-based cards offer bonus reward multipliers whenever the card is used while traveling. Now that you’ve accrued the freebies, time to cash in: Use points to book flights or splurge on a room-category upgrade.
To squeeze the most out of each point, consider moving your desired dates to match points-available flights and rooms. Going on your second honeymoon two-three weeks after your vow renewal so you can fly using points instead of spending thousands of dollars is just smart planning.

2. Take Advantage of Frequent Flier Miles

You can also use an airline’s credit card. Smart travelers often take advantage of using Southwest credit cards and their bonus offerings. Historically, if you signed up for both the business and personal Southwest credit cards, you would get a 50,000 signing bonus for each, given you spent $3,000 on the card in the first three months. The spending requirement is easy to reach when you’re planning your vow renewal, traveling, and just living life. The 100,000 Southwest points were enough to qualify for companion pass status. This part was the secret because it essentially meant you’d get buy-one-get-one-free on any Southwest flight you booked for the rest of the year and all of the next calendar year. Other airlines offer similar offers frequently, so be sure to check out which airline is offering the best deal at the moment!

3. Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates

Just because your anniversary is June 15th doesn’t mean you have to hold your vow renewal on that day or leave for your second honeymoon the same or the next day. Being flexible with your dates allows you to take advantage of cheaper seasonal rates. So if you dream of walking hand-in-hand down the cobblestone streets of Positano, it will be worthwhile to go in September or early October, when crowds are thinner, and hotel rooms are cheaper.

Another way to save is to stay at resorts during the week and in cities on weekends. This is the opposite pattern of most travelers and will allow you to take advantage of less costly midweek rates. For example, head to Napa Valley or Sonoma on a Wednesday, then spend a weekend night or two in San Francisco.

4. Limit the Number of Destinations You Visit

Consider reducing the number of destinations to minimize incidentals, like airport transfer charges, checked bag fees, and porter tips. Make a wish list of your must-dos and prioritize the top two. The rest can wait for your anniversary.

5. Mention it’s Your Anniversary

Many hotels, cruises, and even restaurants will offer you special perks if they know you’re celebrating your anniversary, are on a second honeymoon trip, or are celebrating your vow renewal. This is especially true if it’s a milestone anniversary or you are traveling with a larger party.

6. Consider a Cruise

There are massive deals on Caribbean voyages all the time. It’s a hassle-free way to see all the island highlights. Check out Seabourn or Crystal Cruises for luxe itineraries to these locations or Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises for super-affordable packages with similar routes. You can get a great deal on a longer cruise by checking out end-of-season itineraries, as repositioning cruises can save you half off or even more.

7. Book a Package Deal

Travel packages exist for a reason: to help you get the most bang for your buck. Once you’ve narrowed down your second honeymoon destination(s), look at any hotel/flight promotions to see if there’s a package that suits your needs. Do the math on all the activities and special meals you hope to include in your itinerary, cost-compare to existing packages, and decide what makes the most sense.

8. Research Your Flights Like a Pro

Google Flights aggregates travel data and flight information from across the Internet, making its results far more comprehensive than other flight sites. Head to Google Flights and enter your destination. From there, click See More under Dates to see an entire graph of flight prices. That way, you can easily see the cheapest dates to fly. And because flight prices can always change, you can track your desired flight and get an email when the price increases or decreases. If you can score flights for hundreds less, you might not mind waiting a few extra days or weeks to take off.

9. Use a Larger Airport, Even If It’s Farther Away

Compare prices on flights to all airports surrounding your destination. A visit to the Grand Canyon is expensive if you fly directly into Flagstaff (the nearest hub) while driving five hours from Las Vegas can be half the price—not to mention it adds both urban and road-trip elements to your second honeymoon.

10. Check Out Hotel Websites

With so many travel deal sites, it might seem counterintuitive to go straight to a hotel’s website. However, some resorts have a company policy that the best rates are always on their site, so check those numbers before booking elsewhere.

11. Call the Resort Directly

If anyone is empowered to offer a better deal and, at the very least, help you pick out the right room (we like an ocean view that’s on a high non-smoking floor and away from the elevator), it’s the people who are on-site on the property itself, rather than at the corporate headquarters, which may be in another location. If you’ve found a better deal at a similar hotel, ask if they can match it. Sure, it’s a long shot—but if you get the right manager on the phone and explain that the nearby hotel with similar room rates is offering a special that includes breakfast or airport transfers, it’s possible that you can get a similar package too.

12. Consider Booking with a Savvy Travel Agent

If researching flights and haggling with hoteliers isn’t your thing, consider using a travel agent. Travel agents are professionals, after all. Many agents can immediately add perks to reservations through their connections and inclusion in perk programs. If you opt to book on your own, be sure to cost-compare and research the best time to book flights and travel to your desired destination. Be sure to check travel protection and insurance plans too. The more informed you are, the more you can save.

13. Stay in an Airbnb

Consider staying in an Airbnb rental instead of a traditional hotel. You might get even more privacy and relaxation with the right hidden Airbnb gem at a fraction of the cost of a resort in the same neighborhood. Make sure to do thorough research and pay attention to the property’s reviews—this is your second honeymoon, after all, and you want to ensure there are no hassles once you arrive.

14. Ask for an Upgrade When You Check In

When you check in on arrival, be sure to ask—quietly, so you don’t force them to give everyone in line a bump up—if they have any upgrades to a room with a better view or even a suite available. If you’re polite, and they have the rooms open, you may get lucky.

15. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Tag the hotel in any posts you make on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter—in the days leading up to the vow renewal, on the day you travel to the resort, and once on your second honeymoon. You may get a congratulations tweet from the resort, and some resorts are even slicker with seriously sophisticated social media teams that may offer to buy you a toast at the pool bar.

16. Use Public Transportation Instead of Cabs and Uber

Ubers and private cars are luxurious and convenient, but in most second-honeymoon-worthy cities and destinations, opting for public transportation can save you a nice chunk of change—especially if you’re trying to book an Uber during a price surge. Do your research and speak to hotel/resort staff for more information on safety, procedures, costs, et cetera.

17. Don’t Eat Every Meal Out

If you’re going on a longer second honeymoon, consider eating only one sit-down meal at a restaurant per day. Instead, try quick and cheap lunches at a local market or grocery store and only go out for a nice dinner, or vice versa. And if an expensive place you’re dying to try is open for lunch, go then! It will often be cheaper during the day than at dinner.

18. Avoid Over-Priced Incidentals

Snacks and groceries from a hotel shop can be insanely overpriced, whereas local grocery stores or bodegas aren’t aimed at tourists and are often less expensive. If you’re a snacker, pack some granola bars in your suitcase or head into town for light bites and necessities like toiletries you might’ve forgotten.

19. Skip the souvenirs

It’s too easy to spend hundreds of dollars on things that will stay in a drawer or cabinet when you return home. Don’t buy souvenirs unless it’s something you see yourself using for years to come. Your memories and photos from the trip will be all you need to remember it for decades.

20. Make Your Own Mini Bar in the Hotel Room

It’s no secret that alcohol is expensive, especially at hotels. Avoid spending excess cash on pre-dinner drinks or nightcaps by creating a little bar in your room. You can either pack it or buy it in town or at a duty-free shop when you land. Even if you don’t finish the bottle before you check out, it’s guaranteed to be cheaper than many room service or drinks at the hotel bar.

Don’t wait any longer – start planning your dream second honeymoon today!

A second honeymoon is a perfect way to celebrate the love between you and your partner. It’s a chance to escape from the everyday routine, reconnect with each other, and make new memories together. Whether you are looking for a luxury second honeymoon or a budget-friendly getaway, plenty of options are available for couples who want to enjoy some romantic time away from home. Now’s the perfect time to create new, lasting memories together.

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