The Maldives, with 1,200 islands, is the ideal location for couples looking to celebrate their love with an intimate, secluded second honeymoon. The magic of the turquoise waters, white sand, and beautiful island backdrops is sure to dazzle both of you. If you’ve been dreaming of just the two of you spending a day on an uninhabited island, this is the place to make that happen since only 200 of the islands are inhabited. Beautiful, vibrant reefs, high visibility, and abundant marine life make this a scuba diver’s paradise. Fishing more your style? Enjoy a boat ride at sunset to the perfect fishing spot for some friendly fishing competition. The Maldives are tranquility at its best. Pack your flip flops and leave your high heels behind as you get ready to enjoy this sandy paradise.

The peak season in the Maldives is between November and April when it’s hot and dry. May to July and September to November bring rain, but the temperature is still quite warm.

Ready to plan your trip, be sure to get your passport and check the travel alerts and warnings from the US Department of State. It’s also good idea to add the Hotline for American Travelers: 1-888-407-4747 to your phone and pack it in your luggage along with the URL for the US Department of State’s travel page in case of emergency.